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I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to style the table of contents. Ive created my table of contents but am unsure how to do sections such as the acknowledgements etc in roman numerals as opposed to non roman numerals for the main text.



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How did you make the table of contents? if I'm understanding your question right I think you can have two or more types of numeral in one document and then make the table of content, which automatically will include your two type format of numbers.

to make a document with two different types of numbers :

1-click on insert>page number>format> number format>choose I,II,III>ok
2-go to the end of the page before the section where you want to have pages numbered as 1,2,3..
3-click on insert>break>tick next page under the section break types.
4- repeat step 1 but choose 1,2,3 and then under "page numbering" field tick start at and choose the number you want to start your new section with>ok
5-then select your heading for the table of contents and the office will automatically number your table of contents as your numbering styles.

these instructions are for word 2003.
Hope this will help



I made my table of contents yesterday ... i was very, very excited about it. Someone is right, you can have different types of numerals and as long as your contents table is automatic, it should update it with the different page numbers automatically. If it's manual, just type it in.

Someone, to make the contents page using Word 2007, you have to assign each title and subtitle a heading... its all quite straightforward, but can be time consuming. here's the website i used.. it explains it better than I ever could!


The artistic decisions may not even be yours to make. Check the guidelines for formatting the thesis on the admin pages of your Institution. For instance, at my University they state that the very first page is 1 and and all others are to be numbered 2,3,4 onwards.


You use Word to write your thesis in?!


Quote From Ragingwitch:

You use Word to write your thesis in?!

Hi Ragingwitch
Am I missing something really obvious here?


If I used Word there'd be no viva, just a firing squad!

I use a document markup language in a typesetting program called LaTeX. It does all the work for you; it isn't WYSIWYG and you must compile to look at a PDF of your document. They don't half look professional though, even if it takes a bit of getting used to.


LaTeX definitely the way to go! Bit of a learning curve but completely worth it. Especially for technical things and presentations. I love it!