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thanks so much Moonblue, I got it , thanks for your quick reply. :-)


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PLEASE PLEASE it is very urgent, i can't seem to be able to open this review, i really appreciate your help

here is the link : http://www.nature.com/nrg/journal/v11/n12/full/nrg2884.html
thanks :p

help with paper

Hello ALL,

It has been a while, if you remember me. how is every one?

can any one send me this paper please? I can't access it for some reason, and it is kind a urgent, I would realy appreciate your help :)

An improved simple, inexpensive method for horizontal starch-gel electrophoresis is described. H. Geldermann


developing a new research project

Hello All,

Does any one have any guides or tips on how to start a new project? I know this might seem a bit odd, but I was thinking if i start a project independently, and I found my self a bit lost on what shall I do? what are the necessary steps to choose a good project? I mean after choosing generally what to do, How do you know if it has not been published or someone else is starting to write a paper about that particular project?

Any ideas will be welcomed :)

Advice required

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Hello Pradeep,
In my experience, you have to find a research project that interest you, then email the supervisor, they will email you back and help you to write the proposal, sometimes they write and send you the proposal.

about PhD life, i think you can read www.vitae.ac.uk, I found really useful website, and it got so many tips and guides.
good luck

HELP! confused international student regarding supervisor

Hello All,

Ok this might seem stupid, but again i need your help.
I will graduate on the 15 of July (the date of the ceremony), do I have to invite my supervisor to attend the ceremony? I mean is it impolite not to do so ? in my country all teachers must attend the ceremony, but am not sure about here in UK, please help I feel so embarrassed :$

How has your PhD changed you?

Again dispatcher, the only reason I mentioned that networking phrase is because I simply and honestly wanted to help others, because I think research is difficult and it is more difficult for a student because of time limitation. PhD students need help from any possible source, I wanted to share my knowledge that networking is important (I was not aware of this fact and the PhD taught me that). You can believe me or not, but all I wanted to say is that we have to be flexible and more open minded in our researching approaches.

How has your PhD changed you?

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Ok Dispatcher, I didn't mean it in a disrespectful way to Cleaners or any other human beings! I mean that at first instance you might think that only researchers can help you, but that is not true, every one can help.
I'm always nice to every one, which is why the cleaner offered to help me in the first place, I was talking to her and she offered help, I didn't even know she got the key to that place. I was bad in making connections ( I mean to ask for help and connect the idea that every one has a positive role (Just like you said) and might be able to help you in unexpected way). Forgive my language, I still need to improve my writing skills. Again, my deepest apologies if you think that I am offending any one. :$

How has your PhD changed you?

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I totally felt the same Willie! Oh I swear I said the same once! You know what? for me, the PhD totally transformed me, I feel like I am a new person.
But, I am a foreigner, so I have been through major shocks (I really mean shocks). I reached a point where I didn't go to school for one month and just decided to change and analyse my mistakes and what to do to deal and succeeds in the PhD. it was total metamorphosis for me, and was so necessary for me to pass, I think if I didn't do the changes, I wouldn't have been able to continue or pass.

My shock was so huge and my decision of change was so huge that I bought a big Dali painting to remind me of my stupidity and my hopefully getting better image ;) the painting is called metamorphosis by Dali : http://www.3d-dali.com/Tour/metamorphosis.htm

During the PhD, I was feeling sad ..etc, just like you,  too much pressure, but I learned a lot. I'm very confident now, and all those feeling of despair, loneliness, helplessness are gone, by the way you will still learn till the day you hand in your hard bound cover of your thesis to your supervisor, so you got so much time to learn and be happy.
Only now I can see it, i have finished now, and I think I have learnt so many valuable skills, I guess that is why they say education is important, other wise, any other skilled technician can do what we do, right?

I have learned to be more analytical, not to believe every thing i read, i trust my instincts more and I found my self to be right most of the time.
I have made a lot of mistakes, which made me more aware of the right things. I have become more organised. I learnt that if someone is expert in a field that doesn't make them right all the time, I think this is the most important lesson is a Phd, because you can trust yourself more.

My writing improved, and now when I read a book I see the process of writing, which make me judge the quality of that book.
I am more aware that there is no one right solution or opinion to things in life.
I have become more determined, and patient.
I respect the power of networking to get information, and value that even a cleaner can help you with your work ( once they had a key to a lab I wanted things from and it was late!) I was not very good in making connections with people.

My supervisor forgave me for so many mistakes I did, which made me more forgiving now and I see that am not perfect and people still believe in me.

I can count more positive things, but I Think that is enough for now. So, yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, although I think that light will not get brighter until you get the post doc job

JOB enquiry

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Hello All,

I got a reply from the human resources explaining the reasons for not getting the job interview and frankly I didn't quite understand what does it mean? would any one explain it to me please? am so confused :-(

Here what they have written "the general reason for a candidate not being short-listed would be that the interview candidates were a better match to our person specification, please see attached" Do they mean that other candidate were better matched? if so I don't think so! I ticked all the boxes for that job, am so angry. I just need to be sure that I understood the reply.

and by the way no file was attached!


Ladies - would you do this? (dating issue)

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Hi all,

interesting conversation, really very interesting, here is why, I have read the secret and got the DVD when it was released :)

I kind a believe in the law of the attraction,  I guess the power of positive thinking is very important, and the more you believe in something the more likely you achieve your goal but, sometimes you are ticking all the boxes and nothing should go wrong but it does, not all the time but, bad things happen in life along good things.
I have had the instances of telling my self i miss that person and immediately they call! or that I wish I could eat a nice dinner, and out of blue someone call me for dinner invitation! I don't know what it is, but I do feel there are sometimes I wish for something and it comes to me ! but how can you practice that it is another question and I believe there is another unknown power control this process. In the mean time, I will only focus on hard work and positive thinking and learning from mistakes and let us hope the universe will take care of everything else ;)

Ladies - would you do this? (dating issue)

It never works Slizor (at least for me). my new rule is: if someone is really interested in someone they will find a way to show it in 6 months or so.

need papers please, for some reason i can't get access

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Thanks Teek! that is great, I have send my email :-) I love this forum(up)

Ladies - would you do this? (dating issue)

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OK,  I think when you attracted to someone you hope that they are attracted to you? may be am wrong but, I think if someone is interested in someone, it should not take them more than 6 months maximum to show their interest?
am not from UK, so don't know the rules, but I feel it is generally the same.

Do the simple things first, like eye contact ...etc, then if not, you are the best judge.
Again, if you are working in the same place you might get annoyed seeing him afterwards, I was unlucky and one of them was just enjoying the attention and was never interested in me and had a girlfriend whilst flirting with me every day. Another one ,and for my incredible luck, got back with his girlfriend after months of separation! by the way am not ugly, but for some reason unlucky with these things. Sorry to sound so negative.
good luck

etiquette question

Oh, I was also getting so annoyed with voices, some people really drive you nuts! and they don't care at all , it is so irritating.
But, to be honest, I was eating in the office too and trying hard not make noises.
Oh I was feeling so embarrassed to eat, but i had to :( I know this might seem pathetic but I was not able to go to go to diners ..etc to eat. Firstly because I didn't have time, and secondly I was alone, and it feels horrible to sit alone!
so may be he also don't have options, may be try to tell him indirectly? tell a friend of yours to ask you not to eat loudly, but make sure he is around and listening?

good luck