How to proceed with my PhD.


i am struggling and need to have some support and advice people ....

currently, i am working on my ph.D and its mess ... working on an isolated island, not communicating with my supervisor at all, for around 5 months. i still feel that i have nothing to discuss and no output to deliver.

what i am doing now is reading, trying to develop a whole structure ( table of content) and begin to write in the chapters .. this is the only way that i can develop a good structure ( which is not yet finished) .... unfortunately, this takes a lot of time and sometimes during work i realize that this part is nonsnese and remove it ... i am ,also, struggling to do the whole methodolgy of the thesis till now .. i usually jump inside and in to details without framing the overall picture for this. this probelm appears whenever i speak to my supervisor, the only comment i receive is i need to a proper methodological chapter ... any advice

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Take a break. If possible get away for a few days and do something that you enjoy. Stress is a real productivity killer and taking a break will give you a fresh perspective when you come back.

Personally, I think it is difficult to start with your project structure (or the introduction). I don't know about other people but my PhD structure has changed several times through my PhD as my project evolved. Instead I have a clear set of objectives and I work around trying to solve them. I condensed my project into 1 critical set of experiments and several smaller objectives that are not critical. Then once I have results I can restructure my project as needed.

I would recommend focusing on your research question and what you need to achieve to answer your research question. Then work on your methodology to determine what is achievable and I bet your research question will change slightly once you understand your methodology. Just plan out what you want to do, decide if it is possible and possible limitations, then you will understand your project far more and can feed that back into your other work. As most PhDs change through time and I would recommend giving yourself flexibility to let you find what works


okie, ill try to do so .............thanks very much & wish me luck :)