How to secure my bedroom door...


Hi all,

One of my housemates is having a party at our house in a week's time. To be fair, he asked us first, but I'm a little concerned about the security of my room, with the door not having a lock fitted. Can anyone recommend a way of keeping my room secure (locking chain, hasp, or something) which can easily be removed when I leave? It's a hollow door, which means that I can't actually put a lock barrel inside the door, and it also means that, whatever the security measure, someoe could kick it down if they really wanted. Still, it's just something to show that people aren't meant to go in there...

The alternative is staying in all night (I won't go to most of the party as I never drink and don't know any of his friends, and I usually find that sober me, plus boozy strangers, don't mix that well :( )



Hi Matt - to be honest I don't think they'll go into your room anyway so you probably don't have anything to worry about! I suppose it depends what his friends are like though, but if you get on well I'm sure your housemate will respect your privacy.

I don't think you need a lock or anything drastic like that, and I think a sign on the door telling people to stay out will probably have the opposite effect. I'd just tell your housemate not to let anyone go into your room, simple as that.


Hi Matt

Asking your friend to make sure no one goes into your room is a good idea.

If you have valuable, easily portable items, I should try to conceal them carefully as well. You never know! Just make sure that you remember where you put them.

By the way - if you have not got insurance for your things - it's worth considering.




I don't think you'd need to secure your bedroom door. Any party I've ever had or been to people didn't just wander into other people'd bedrooms uninvited. If you're worried though you could hide your valuables just for your own peace of mind.... unless you're more bothered by people being in your room rather than stealing stuff.

Also if you don't have plans you might actually enjoy being about and staying for some of the party. Not everyone will be really drunk, particularly at the beginning of the night. Then means you can keep an eye on your room, and hide in there if it meets your worst expectations!


Well if the party is anything like the parties we used to have in a shared house of 5, a year ago, then you definitely need a lock. Actually these parties were quite famous in the area :)

Although we had loads of boozy strangers coming over, we never experienced thefts, but there was a vomit in the carpet once or twice and the room stunk for ever after regardless the cleaning efforts, some couples hide in the rooms and after 3.00am I was too tired and old to stay in the party, and people would just keep entering the room, although I was sleeping inside. Next day I used to wake up, party was still on, tripped over dead bodies on the stairs, had to queue to use my own bathroom.

I guess nothing of this sort will happen in your place, but especially if you go to bed early, lock from the inside. I would advice to socialise a bit and have some fun, before the PhD eats you alive.


Thanks for all the replies so far, but more are still welcome! I'm going to be in my room at about midnight I think, and I can lock from the inside (just not from the outside), so that's ok. I suppose there won't be to much drunkenness by then, so it should be ok. I hope.