I am unsure what subject I could possibly teach after postgraduate study...


I have been following this forum for awhile and appreciate the posts that I have read provided for others.

I start my Masters in Computing in September and aim to do a PhD after this. I originally come from a creative and music technology background as well with quite a strong understanding and theoretical sense of business, marketing etc.

I am working on my own business projects and managed a freelance brand for a few years. Most of my endeavours have been somewhat related to the creative industries but not just that.

This allows me to ponder that something related to business (since it will be relevant to my qualifications and experience) would be more appropriate for teaching.

I am not 100% what teaching subject to go into or maybe this is a good thing, as I should keep my options open.

Any advice, that'd be great.


Hi FutureProfessor!
I'm a bit confused by what you mean here. Is it that:
- you are going to do a postgraduate qualification in teaching and need to choose a specific subject?
- you are now thinking about which specific subject would you want to teach as you near the end of your PhD in a few years and start looking for lectureships?
- you are unsure of which topic should you choose for your PhD (as you hope to end up teaching in the same area later)?
Please clarify!


If you want to teach in schools in the UK for example, your degree will determine what you are allowed to teach. That is certainly true in Scotland although the rest of the UK may be more flexible in that regard.

It therefore will not necessarily be something you have any choice over.

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I am assuming that you want to be a university lecturer but you are wondering what department you will end up/ what department you can teach in.

From my vague experience, you teach what is as close as possible to your undergrad degree/experience as possible. But your department is closest to your research. Ie you can teach the mathematics modules in an engineering course if you did a BSc in mathematics. For your case, you could teach the business side of things, which could be managing group projects in IT. Or you could teach some computational stuff in a music course (if that is a thing). The point is that subjects contain many modules, and one is bound to overlap with your expertise.

Also a good teacher can teach nearly anything, so if this is worrying you can try and get as much teaching experience as possible during your PhD. Do all those stupid courses and try apply them during teaching if you can apply them. I have also heard people bribing students to get a nomination for best teaching, to put on their CV. All that will make it easier to sell in an interview that you can teach another subject

BUT I will say that, most academic job interviews don't give a sh*t about teaching and only care about publications. That is why the teaching at top universities is usually so bad.

Hope that helps and isn't too wrong.


My advice would be to keep looking at job adverts. Because some employers will still take you to teach something different from what your certificates show :)

I have seen many examples already.

You have creativity, business acumen, bring all those qualities with you. Keep your options open.


How come everyone else understands the question? I think I've been working too hard on my thesis. It still isn't clear to me what the poster is asking, even having read all the responses! : D