I can publish! Is it possible to find a remote job?


Hi there, I am new here.

Recently I have just got my PhD. I have a very good research track record, including over 10 SSCI-indexed journal articles, which I think is good enough as a new PhD graduate in many countries. However, my background is quite complicated. I have family problems and chronic health problems, along with some other concerns. I want to continue doing research on my interested topics. I can't find a relevant job in my city, but I can't leave my city.

Anyway, my major question is:

Is it possible to find a remote job (e.g., research fellow)? I have a lot of research ideas and I can publish many papers (as demonstrated in my track record). I think this would interest some scholars/departments as publications are important in some universities. But is it possible to find a job like this? I live in country A and work for scholars in country B. I will be perfectly happy with this if it is possible!

Please feel free to let me know if your department is willing to remotely hire me to publish papers in SSCI-indexed journals. I surely know that I have many limitations though.

Thank you!


Congrats on finishing the PhD.
it is possible but will be hard. I don't know what field you are in, but from my experiences, they want you on the ground, even with covid.
How are you planning to fund the papers and research? Are you looking for your own grants- if so it might be possible to remote work? If you are looking to use someone else funding to hire you I doubt they will be very happy- but again depends on the field.

In my experience, I worked remotely as I was finishing up in my last role (4 weeks)-but mainly due to it all being computer work and refusing to renew an accomdation contract when I knew Id be leaving.
In my current role, I am allowed to work remote- but an also onsite 75% of the time, but I work in the science.

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I agree with Nead it depends on your field and funding. If you win your own grants, departments will welcome you with ease. I also have a friend who is half way through a two year post-doc working remotely but her work is in computer modelling. Her university is a 5 hour drive away and was only expected on site twice a year for various things. Other than that all of her work can be done from home and the university is happy with that. It was an advertised role but I don't see why not if you can justify working remotely.


Yes, Anything is possible if you try hard. I am an academic writer and works for an

and I can work remotely. I don't need to go to my office early in the morning. My bedroom is my office and I can work provide all my responsibilities from my home. It is a blessing and a huge advantage for me to try different things and fulfil my other time in my spare time.
Best Of Luck!