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Do you know TECH Tecnological University? Any references?

Yes, please provide a list of references.

I can publish! Is it possible to find a remote job?

1. Yes!
Remote jobs are becoming increasingly popular among companies looking for employees who work remotely. There are many reasons why they are becoming more popular. One of them is that they allow people to have flexible working hours, which is something that many people want these days. Another reason is that they are cheaper than having someone physically located at a company’s office. Remote jobs also give workers flexibility in terms of where they live, since they don’t need to commute long distances.
2. No!
There are some things that make remote jobs difficult. First of all, not everyone is good at communicating online. If you are going to apply for a remote job, then you should expect that you will have to communicate with your potential employer via email, chat, or phone calls. You may also have to do research about the company before applying. You should know what their business model is, how much money they make, and whether they are profitable or not.
3. Yes!
If you are interested in finding a remote job, then there are several ways to go about doing it. You could search for companies that offer remote positions, or you could look for freelance websites that specialize in hiring freelancers. You could also try searching for companies that hire virtual assistants, or VAs. These are people who help businesses run smoothly by answering emails, scheduling meetings, and organizing documents.
4. No!
You might think that you can get a remote job if you already have experience in a certain field. However, this isn’t always true. Many employers prefer candidates who have relevant degrees or certifications. Also, you should consider the type of position that you are applying for. If you are applying for a sales position, then you should probably have previous sales experience. On the other hand, if you are applying for a customer service position, then you should have previous customer service experience.
5. Yes!
If your goal is to find a remote job, then it is best to start early. This way, you will have time to prepare yourself for the interview process. You should practice talking about yourself over email, chat, or even over the phone. You should also practice writing cover letters and resumes. Finally, you should learn how to use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Authorship of post-doc paper and post-doc experience

1. I have been working at my current institution since September 2017. My research focus is on the effects of nutrition on the growth and development of Cannabis sativa L. (marijuana). I am currently conducting experiments to determine how different levels of nitrogen affect the growth rate of marijuana plants. I am also looking at the effect of different levels of phosphorous on the growth rate of marijuana. In addition, I am trying to find out if the addition of certain vitamins and trace elements would increase the growth rate of marijuana under controlled conditions.
2. I have had two post-doctoral experiences. One was at the University of California Davis where I worked with Dr. David Bienstock. We were studying the effects of different levels of nitrogen on the growth rate of cannabis. The second time I did a post-doc was at the University of Florida where I worked with Drs. John Hodge and Michael Turek. We were studying the effect of different levels phosphorous on the growth of cannabis. Both of these projects were funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
3. I have published three papers in peer reviewed journals. These articles were written about the results of my studies. I have also presented my findings at various conferences. I have also attended several workshops related to my field of study.
4. I have received funding for my research from the National Institute on Drug abuse.
5. I have learned many things while doing my post-docs. I have learned how to write grants and proposals. I have learned how scientific research works. I have learned how much work goes into writing a paper. I have learned how important it is to get feedback from people who know what they are talking about. I have learned how difficult it is to publish a paper. I have also learned how important it is for me to keep learning new things.
6. I have learned how hard it is to do science. I have learned how long it takes to finish a project. I have learned how little money is spent on research compared to how much money is spent on administration. I have learned how expensive it is to travel to conferences. I have learned how competitive it is to get funding. I have learned how stressful it is to try to figure out how to pay bills. I have learned how rewarding it is to finally finish a project.

I abhor my PhD environment

1. I am not a scientist
2. My research is not relevant to the industry
3. I have no idea what I'm doing
4. I don't know how to do anything
5. I am surrounded by people who think they're smarter than me
6. I am not allowed to use my own equipment
7. I am not allowed access to any literature
8. I am not allowed time off
9. I am not allowed any freedom
10. I am not allowed out of the lab
11. I am not allowed outside
12. I am not allowed anywhere near the library
13. I am not allowed around anyone else
14. I am not allowed contact with anyone outside the lab