I don't know which city i should move to?


I've started my PhD in marketing at Bradford university.

i did my master in Liverpool and i love this city so much. When i moved to Bradford, i am so frustrated and don't want to live in this city. First, it seems isolated and the city is very quiet at weekend, there are just a few people walking in the city center. Second, i smell a lot of weed when i go to the city center, that is so scary, i feel unsafe to live in Bradford. Another thing is that Bradford it is too hilly. So i think i will live in another city. But i have to balance my studying times, working part time job, fees and times of transportation to and from Bradford.

The thing is i got a part time job when i was in Liverpool and my employer would love me come back. As i am self funded, i really need a job as well. so here are some cities i am considering to stay but every of them has pros and cons, so i would love to hear from you.

- Liverpool: I can see on the schedule that i only have to attend class only 3-4 days a month and 1 day meeting with my supervisors. So if i live in Liverpool, i can use Liverpool library to work on my PhD. I can travel to Bradford when there are sessions or meetings. But it takes 3 hours to travel from Liverpool to Bradford by National Express/ Train.
- Leeds: I like Leeds. I can travel to Bradford very easily but it's very far from Liverpool
- Manchester: it is in between Bradford and Liverpool. It takes only 1:20 hours to get to Bradford or Liverpool but accommodation is quite expensive.

About the part time job, is there possibility to work within university for PhD student? what are those kind of job for PhD student?

I am very appreciated if someone gives me solution about this.



- you already know you love it
- you already know the ropes, have library access etc
- relatively affordable
- you don't have to go in that much so it isn't a problem that it is a slightly longer journey (you can also work on the train)
- Manchester is the rainiest city in the UK (but would be my second choice in your situation)
- Leeds is quite a distance from Liverpool
- you really sound like you want to move to Liverpool

Teaching is probably the most common job for a PhD student within the university. There are also admin, cleaning, and catering roles to name a few. There should be an online jobs page or database.

Good luck and let us know what you decide!


Thanks a lot Tudor_Queen,

Liverpool is great. I am also thinking about renting an airbnb when i have to a full week schedule in Bradford. I am not sure if i should tell my supervisors about moving to Liverpool.


Hi huubte

I was reading your post with interest because I'm in a similar sort of situation. Slightly different in that I'm a lecturer in a university which is 40 plus miles from where I live and not a straightforward journey. To get there, I have a twenty minute drive to the train station, an hour train ride, then a twenty minute walk. Or face horrific traffic which often turns it into a two hour plus drive! So a bit of a marathon, but with a mortgage, a partner on maternity leave and a young child, I can't just up and move. Especially when the area I'm living in is cheap, but where I work is more expensive (like double the price for a two bed flat compared to where I am). Like you, before I started, I was worried about what people would think about me not moving there. But honestly, the culture is very much 'only go in if you need to'. I spend a lot of days working at home or in my local library. When I do need to,be over at work for an extended period, I've found airbnb to be an absolute godsend and I've actually quite enjoyed the change of scene! You'd be amazed how much you can get done on the train, too. In my hour, I eat breakfast, read, listen to a podcast...it flies by. So honestly, I wouldn't worry. Academia and super-commuting are good together, I think. You'll probably find lots of people in the same situation - I recognize at least two people from my institution who are on my train a lot. It's really quite doable.



Hi Fallenorion and Tudor_Queen,

Thank you a lot for your sharing. I wanted to make sure if there are hidden issues about my case then i asked for my supervisors' opinions and they seemed didn't want me to move far away from Bradford and they are right that i should live next to supporting network at Bradford university. Well, so i decide to stay near the university otherwise it will affect my study. I might stay here for the first year and then think of moving. I will also look for a part time job in the university as well and hopefully i can get one.


As long as you are happy and doing what you want to do :-) If you are happy then you'll be productive. That's more important than living where your supervisors want you to live!

Good luck with it all!