I hate you so much right now - ahhhhhhhhhh!


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Sinking fast at the mo. Have a stack of work to get through, stupid impending interim assessment and a load of GTA lessons to plan. It all seems ever so slightly impossible. I'm actually frozen and I can't seem to write anything, which makes things even worse. I have no...concentration span and no focus. Can anyone relate (well probably everyone!) or advise? :-(


I can most definitely relate I am having the worst week and things are really getting on top of me! Started thinking about all that I have to do yesterday and went into a total panic!!! Things are only marginally better today so I don't know if my advice is much good :p

But what I did was go home yesterday evening and go for a run to clear my head - then went to bed at 9 o clock - and then came in today, made a list and started going through it one thing at a time! That's all you can do really, you are only one person! Hope things improve :-)


Like Rosy said taking a break can really clear your mind.


Go and have a brisk walk in the sun. It will seem better then. :-)


I found the teaching load could really push me to the edge. My best coping method was to dedicate whole days to one or the other - otherwise I got overwhelmed wondering what to do first.


Thanks for the tips everyone. Instead of a walk, I went on a cleaning mission and cleaned my toilets and kitchen - I think it worked just as well. It's almost the weekend so I have a rosier view of things! Now if I can just get through my 2 hours of lectures tomorrow everything will be dandy...