I'm so pleased with myself!

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Hi all, I've just finished the chapter 1/2 I've been working on forever - it's now 7,000 words. And I think it's... brilliant! ha, ha there I said it. I felt ecstatic last night, and for some reason really wanted to see my nan and tell her - she died about ten years ago though. But I'm soooo please with myself right now.

I know when I look at it again it won't seem as good, but I just wanted to share this feeling, for all those who fear there is no joy in PhDing - and just to tell you all!!


Hi Eska
It's always nice to hear when someone has made progress - keeps the rest of us going :-)


Hey Eska, that sounds like a good feeling to hang onto! Well done you! I always wish my nan had known I was doing a PhD- if I pass okay I'll be the first Dr in the family and she'd have been so proud!! Not sure about my grandad though- he was still asking me how 'school' was when I was 25, I'm not sure he'd have grasped the concept of a PhD bless him! Best, KB


yey! that's great!

(up)8-)(up) (the fonze style)


To reiterate the congrats and thanks from other posts - it really does give us all a boost to hear about the good times.

There's nothing like a good sentence to make you smile, a good paragraph is heaven but a whole chapter 8-) and a brilliant chapter well (gift)

Best. Chuff


well done Eska! I'm so fed up with the whole thing that I'm finding it hard to like any of my work, but I'm so pleased you are getting there and enjoying it! :)


That's fab Eska! :) hold on to the feeling to keep you going through the next chapters - and then you can get that feeling again when the next one's done! (gift)

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Thanks for all your responses. I had another look at it, and it's not perfect, but I still rather chuffed with myself. It looks like a proper piece of writing with something to say.

This is quality, if anyone fancies half an hour of top flight procrastination:



Well done Eska!!!!!!!!
Even if the chapter isn't a perfect one, it is a decent chapter that can be even better!!!!!!!!
Well done!!!!


Well done! :D I'm sure very soon there'll be a whole thesis produced 8-)