I'm very nearly free... Viva tomorrow

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It's been a very long road, and I finally submitted at the end of January. So the viva's tomorrow.

The pressure is melting already. I'm proud of my thesis. It's done a few good things for this world, and isn't too boring a read. So even if I have to tweak it, that's OK.

I began way back in 2007... With a false start, a couple of years out and some bumps in the road. But the PhD has dominated my life, even though I'm a part-time student. At first it was joyous, it's been easy to forget that lately. The last six months have been so tough.

So to all you long-haulers out there, keep the faith! You'll get through it, just keep hanging on... No matter what.

Thank you to everyone here, and to those who run this forum. As a distance learner it has often been the closest to a PhD community I've had, and that is precious.


Good luck for tomorrow, Eska! Keep hold of that presence of mind and positivity you have :)


Good luck Eska! And thanks for the motivational words, I'm between full draft and submission and struggling with motivation a lot of the time.

Look forward to hearing how you got on



hi Eska all the very best for tomorrow!
love satchi


Good luck Eska, all the best for tomorrow!


Good luck! Enjoy the viva!


Best of luck for tomorrow Eska! Let us know how it goes!


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I passed! Minor corrections. Viva was great. Examiners both lovely. Kind about criticism but also full of good comments. It was more of a discussion. It lasted about an hour and a half but seemed to go much quicker.


congratulations DR Eska!!!
good news to start my day :-)
love satchi




Congratulations and well done! :)


Congratulations Dr. Eska!!! Very well done!


Woohoo Dr Eska - congratulations, so delighted for you.

You were on the forum during my time and were a great source of [wise] information.

Go out and celebrate



Well done DOCTOR!!!!!!


Congratulations! :D