I need a word....


I need a word the implies more than 'several' but not as much as 'many'.....

Apparently over 40 species out of 2000 is not enough to be many, but I think it's definitely more than several, so i need a new word to summarise the amount of species...ugh. Thanks!

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a fair few?

that's numberwang?


You couldn't say "2 % of species", or give the numbers?

Would "a subset" work?

"a substantial proportion"?

Sorry, being rubbish here! Feel free to give the full sentence if you want and that might help.


a significant minority?

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I don't really know but would have though putting the numbers or percnetages in more scientific. But then it depends where you're using it and why. Otherwise significant minority or subset. Words like numerous imply majorty, which it isn't unless normally groups of species are smaller than 40 (if that makes sense? - too much Friday afternoon to think!)


How about a significant percentage?


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thanks for the suggestions everyone!

I'm talking in my lit review about some of my species which produce toxins. Overall there are about 200 species, but over 40 produce toxins, which is quite a lot really, for one class of organisms. But I don't want to be too wordy about it, and I've already mentioned the actual number so I'm looking for a more generic phrase than 'Over 40 species produce toxins...' which is what I've got, but is repetitive from the intro section of the review. If that makes sense... I like Numerous though I think.. :-)

and I've got super fussy sups so saying things like significant means I'll have to find stats and stuff to back it up, which I don't have a few months to do unfortunately..


if you use numerous, I would expect it to be more than half, but that may not be how you look at it, or how many would count as numerous in your field, is it a failry large proportion (could you list all the species, mark which ones are toxin producers, stick it in an appendix and tell doubters to go look at your list :-) )

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multiple? nah sorry, that doesn't sound right even as I write it :$


a substantial amount?


a substantial number of


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Hmm, substantial is good! My examiners will know about the toxins and all, it's old hat information to me, just some of the usual background stuff I have to talk about, which is why it's really frustrating having so much bother trying to find another way of saying it! :-) Sometimes I hate science!

Maybe I fly to New York and call on one of Jushilu's ladies to spend a relaxing evening to help me relax eh?! Insightful post there...