I passed my viva............here is how i did it


This is my final thread. I thought it will be good to share my experience on how i passed my viva.
My viva was for almost 3 hours. The supervisor was not allowed to attend the viva as per the university regulations, so I was with the two examiners (the internal examiner who is usually more looking at the research methods and processes, and the external examiner who is usually an expert in the field of your research). They were friendly which reduced the stress level I had prior the beginning.
I started by showing them that I am aware of the typos in my thesis and that I identified them and will make sure the thesis is clear before submitting the final version. I also gave them a printed short bio about me just to let them know my work and academic background since it is my first time to see them.
I did some research about the examiners after receiving their names from the DBA team. This gave me intro about their research interests and their background too.
The most important thing is that you know:
1. What you did,
2. How did you do it, and
3. Why did you do it in that way.
It is kind of validation process to make sure that you understand what you did and you did it yourself. It is very important to show that you know exactly what you did and to have your justifications for each step. You may face some comments that maybe against your methods or your style of thesis, it is OK, all you need is to clarify why you did it that way and be receptive to important comments. It is good you defend your work but at the same time it is important to accept their comments to enhance your work either this particular work or any other work in the future.
Make sure you have a printed copy which is identical to the one submitted to them, so you can follow up with them. Make sure that you are clear about your research methods and how your research is done.
I read and watched the following references and videos about successful viva:
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xncsi6RR8Ss
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxggu5Iu_LI&t=37s
3. https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/student-administration/research-students/submission-and-examination/preparing-for-viva/
At the end remember it is an academic discussion and you are the expert in that discussion about your research topic so show your knowledge and be confident.
All the best to all


Congratulations and Thank you for this! :)


congratulations and thank you for sharing


Congratulations!!!! I'm saving your advice for future reference - thanks so much for sharing.