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I passed my viva............here is how i did it

This is my final thread. I thought it will be good to share my experience on how i passed my viva.
My viva was for almost 3 hours. The supervisor was not allowed to attend the viva as per the university regulations, so I was with the two examiners (the internal examiner who is usually more looking at the research methods and processes, and the external examiner who is usually an expert in the field of your research). They were friendly which reduced the stress level I had prior the beginning.
I started by showing them that I am aware of the typos in my thesis and that I identified them and will make sure the thesis is clear before submitting the final version. I also gave them a printed short bio about me just to let them know my work and academic background since it is my first time to see them.
I did some research about the examiners after receiving their names from the DBA team. This gave me intro about their research interests and their background too.
The most important thing is that you know:
1. What you did,
2. How did you do it, and
3. Why did you do it in that way.
It is kind of validation process to make sure that you understand what you did and you did it yourself. It is very important to show that you know exactly what you did and to have your justifications for each step. You may face some comments that maybe against your methods or your style of thesis, it is OK, all you need is to clarify why you did it that way and be receptive to important comments. It is good you defend your work but at the same time it is important to accept their comments to enhance your work either this particular work or any other work in the future.
Make sure you have a printed copy which is identical to the one submitted to them, so you can follow up with them. Make sure that you are clear about your research methods and how your research is done.
I read and watched the following references and videos about successful viva:
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xncsi6RR8Ss
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxggu5Iu_LI&t=37s
3. https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/student-administration/research-students/submission-and-examination/preparing-for-viva/
At the end remember it is an academic discussion and you are the expert in that discussion about your research topic so show your knowledge and be confident.
All the best to all

Just submitted my thesis,can i publish part of it? any advise on how to do it

Hello Fellows
I am waiting for the viva arrangement. I am thinking of publishing part of my thesis, but i don't know how to do it! I read different post in this but still not clear!. Do i have to rewrite the work? or it can be used as it is with little modification?
Thank you

coding data for action research

i am done with data gathering and generation. Now i have mixed data resources that means (interviews, observation notes, meeting minutes, official documentations, etc.). Based on my LR and the conceptual framework i developed i had identified factors that help when looking at the research data. I am not sure if what i am doing is correct or something is missing. I prepared codes before reading the scripts because i am looking for answers for my research questions via themes that are driven from the conceptual framework.
i spent a lot of time reading references about coding but i am confused and worried if my method is correct or not!!
any advice?

Final year support thread

Quote From EffinIneffable:
Thanks Pjlu, that's some really good advice. I can definitely relate to those thoughts of it all being a bit pointless at this point in time. I guess I feel a bit disappointed that after all the years of work, the actual research itself doesn't feel very much more significant than any other research project I've worked on. And I've kind of lost faith in my supervisors a bit and feel they've pushed me in a direction that I found less interesting. But they, I think, have their eyes on submission and 'good enough not to fail' and right now that's where I need to be too. Also, I don't think I'm going to pursue an academic career, so my main motivation right now is just to get the d*** thing finished and be done with it!

Hi SU3AD. Afraid I don't know what a DBA thesis is? Is it dissertation by articles?

Chickpea sounds like you are very, very close indeed - exciting! My writing schedule has me writing the conclusion two weeks before I have to submit! Eeeek!

It is Doctorate of Business Administration Thesis :)

Final year support thread

Quote From Pjlu:
@Welcome to you SU3AD, wishing you the best of luck. I am sure you will get much support from the forum and this thread when you need it. Hope all goes well and the writing issues are manageable.

Yesterday I had my final meeting before submission in 7 weeks time. It was around 4 hours and we went through the whole thing.
What do I have to do now?

Check for absolute consistency, with headings and APA citation.
Work a bit more on the table formatting. Some clarification of terms.
Some further work on bringing out contribution to knowledge-its in there and the study is a 'lovely story' but contribution is a bit underplayed and needs to be drawn out in conclusion more effectively.
Send a copy of Chapter 1 and 4 to second supervisor and ask her to read to check that she is happy with my formatting and consistency changes in.about 3-4 weeks.
Some paragraphs here and there need to be moved from where they are and placed in another part of the thesis.
Some headings need to be collapsed into one heading or removed at different points.
Add or adjust lit review in small parts to reflect some references introduced in discussion chapter.
Few more editing sorts of things, doable definitely.

I think this is my penultimate or second last post on this particular thread-I'll post on or just after submission. Best wishes to all of you on this last year, last months thread and all of you drawing closer to the finishing line.

Thank you Pjlu for your reply and advice

DBA thesis

Hello...I am new to this forum but happy to find people who are in the same situation. I am writing my DBA thesis...i have 2 months to finish it.
Any experience of DBA among you to share some thoughts? My research is qualitative: case study. I am not using any kind of software for analysis, however i am little a bit worried about this process!!
I wish if someone can share his/her experience

Final year support thread

OMG finally i found people just like me....i am in my writing phase of DBA thesis...I .spend the majority of my time in front of the laptop but little progress is achieved!
I don't really know how people are doing it and get into writing thing!
I am honestly glad to find this forum....someone who can at least understand my feeling and can give me a support.
All the best!