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I am going to use mine in every situation that I used to use Mr in.

So when I have to introduce myself formally I will just say my first and second name as I never used to say Mr so and so.

Informally, if I meet someone at a party etc, obviously I will just say my first name.

At the bottom of a letter, not related to academia, I will just sign off using my name as I never used to put Mr so and so.

In terms of forms/new bank accounts etc, if they ask for a title, I will put Dr as I am one.

If someone calls me Mr I wont be correcting them by saying "actually it's Dr" (well, maybe I will if I get an obnoxious customer service person who is speaking to me like I'm stupid, tut only if they deserve it).

I think if you previously didn't use your title of Mr or Ms etc for something, then to start to use Dr for the same thing is obviously a bit show-offy.

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Quote From pierrer:

If you've earned it, use it.

Or if you're "Dr" Gillian McKeith...

If you've paid for it, use it.

Got curious.

Streuth, if the institute is not properly accredited the qualification is not worth the paper it is written upon!!!



I tend to use Dr because I can't be bothered to figure out whether to use Miss/Mrs/Ms. I am married, but I have not changed my name - so both Mrs Maidenname and Miss Maidenname seem wrong. Dr Maidenname I can cope with :p