I think I am going to be sick


Viva on Thursday - going into panic mode. I'm honestly not sure I am going to pass (even with major corrections), I feel like I know nothing about my thesis or any of the background information. I have spotted so many mistakes in my thesis. I think I might cry :-(


Good luck, Moomin, it'll be fine - we all felt the same! Let us know how it goes :-x


Moomin, your post could have been written by any member of this forum in the week before their viva. It's hideous but it's also normal, and however compelling the idea of failure feels it's almost certainly fear not insight. Hang in there as I'm sure you'll be just fine ;-)


Good luck!


Hi Moomin, you'll be fine. Deal with your nerves - breathe!!! Take lots and lots of deep breaths to get over the panic, limit caffeine, drink chamomile tea, exercise helps with all that nervous energy, use positive visualisaitons to see yourself doing brilliantly in your viva. Think of it as an opportunity for you to shine, to tell them about your wonderful work - and it is! You might not think so, but your sup obviously does, otherwise you wouldn't be at this stage. Practice. Good luck!


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Good luck Moomin - will be thinking of you on Thursday! Nx


Good luck! as others have said, this is just natural panic, and it would probably be un natural not to feel this way! i'm sure it will come to all of us!
Just relax and enjoy - i've heard many a Dr say that once their in the viva they've enjoyed it! it's your time to shine and speak to people in depth about your research - possibly the last time you will do this. If you're anything like me and not really had anyone to talk to about your research much, or be that interested in it, then it is nice to sit down and talk in depth to people who ARE interested and can discuss it as in depth as you can! You will know lots more than you realise right now, just relax, you're almost there.

Enjoy, we'll all be thinking of you, and let us know how you got on! *hugs*


Thank you so much everyone - really appreciate all the good vibes! Am feeling a little better today though still feel there's a mountain to climb. I'll just be so relieved when its done. Just got to keep plugging away and know that I've done all I can - the rest will be in the lap of the gods!! will send an update as soon as its over but still if there are any last minute tips, they are more than welcome!


Best of luck moomin!(up)


Hi Moomin,

the anticipation is much worse than the actual event itself. Just try and be clear what your objectives were; did you succeed in doing what you set out to find; why did you do things the way you did, and if you could go back and do it all again would you have done anything completely differently?

My advice to you (and others awaiting their viva) is just remember: this is perhaps (one of) the only time(s) you will ever get in your life to sit and thoroughly discuss YOUR work, YOUR results, YOUR research etc. The people sitting there in the viva with you, yeah sure they're probably experts in their own fields, but does that mean they know absolutely EVERYTHING you've done? I think not, and it wasn't the case in my viva! So the more time YOU talk about something you enjoyed, or that worked really well, or perhaps threw up a surprise nobody expected etc. - the less time they have to grill you on other things that perhaps you overlooked or just didn't enjoy.

Anyways, good luck - like others have said you'll be fine.

P.S. if you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's probably because I'm a scientist...


Hey Moomin, just to wish you good luck- I have also heard a fair few people say that they quite enjoyed their viva when they got into it, although they weren't anticipating that they would! I'm only in second year but will be terrified when mine comes round, but I think it would be strange not to be a bit scared. So take a deep breath and go for it- we're all rooting for you! Let us know how it goes! Best, KB


nausea now replaced by rapid heart rate. Is a heart attack a valid reason for missing a viva?


Quote From moomin:

nausea now replaced by rapid heart rate. Is a heart attack a valid reason for missing a viva?

Only if it were fatal.....



Be brave moomin, you'll be ok :-)


God luck Moomin, crazy I know but try to enjoy it :-) You'll be fine, I seriously doubt anyone approaching their viva has been laid back and chilled about it. Enjoy this opportunity to have a captive audience who'll sit and listen to you talk in depth, it may never happen again lol!