In Korea.....a different sort of lectureship!! ^^


After being away from academia for a year teaching children in Korea, last week I was offered a job as a lecturer in English at a university here in Korea. I will be happy to be back in a university environment again..and even though my PhD was in history I think it will be a great challenge to teach and learn to teach English as a Foreign Language at a university ^^ yay!!

just a quick update as I used to be quite active back in the days of my PHD. I really took a beating trying to find an academic job and even though this job is just an annual contract in a totally different field, I am happy. It was a real chancer coming all the way here to Korea a year ago...and now I have a job at a university and a life here with friends and a boyfriend...and slowly learning Korean ^^ stick in there guys as there is life after the PhD...even if it is one you never expected!!!(up)


Hey Chrisrolinski, glad to see an "old timer" come back to say hello! And sounds great what you're doing - I really regret not going to teach English abroad between my undergrad and phd as I planned... Sounds like it has worked out really well for you!


Sounds fabulous! I admit I am scared of life after PhD, but it just goes to show, you never know in which direction life will take you! Well done you! I love finding out where people go, and what they do after graduation! (up)


Whoa, well done Chrisrolinski!!! Really pleased that you're having such an exciting time in a brand new culture. I'm such a dummy, I initially thought to myself 'but he hasn't mentioned whether he's in North or South Korea' - then it occurred to me. Make the most of your time there, mate, because who knows where this in turn will lead to?


Quote From lindalou83:

I love finding out where people go, and what they do after graduation! (up)

I go to the dole, once every two weeks, and sign on :p


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Well done! I work in TEFL although my PhD (when/if I get it) is in something completely different. :p