Independent Chair


I've just been asked if I would object to there being an independent chair in my viva on Friday. The e-mail says
"The Chair is not involved with the examination itself, and is there to ensure that the viva is conducted correctly.
We would suggest this given the wait you have had for your viva."

I just wondered if anyone had had any experience of this. I'm not sure whether to say yes or not.



I had always presumed the chair was independent; mine certainly was. I think it's a good thing.

Best of luck for Friday :)


This is normal in a lot of institutions. I had a chair in mine. Just there to ensure everything runs smoothly.


I would agree. It sounds like they're making sure your interests are protected.

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Hi Pam, I agree that this all seems like a good thing! I've been looking up viva procedures lately, for my own reasons and this corresponds with good practice, from what I can tell.


I had this in mine. It was fine. The chair ended up asking some questions purely out of interest in the viva, but they weren't examining me themselves. All the arranging side of the viva was done through them, so they let me know the date/place, received corrections etc. Having them there was a pleasure.