insignificant results


I'm getting insignificant ANOVA results for my stats meaning i should reject the null hypothesis....does anyone know does this mean I should reject my results alltoghether or is it ok for a PhD to admit it didnt find any results unlike what it expected?

how would you explain that and is it allright to say so if it can be justified?

how do you justify not getting results?

thank you !


I found this quote for your situation:

"If facts conflict with a theory, either the theory must be changed or the facts.” - Spinoza

You may also want to see this video about  Carl Sagan explaining the Scientific Method:

I hope these suggestions inspire you.

Good luck.

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Quote From billy8181:

how do you justify not getting results?

You did get a result. The result was: the data did not support the null hypothesis. Now there can be lots of reasons why, ranging from issues with data quality/quantity, to the reality that the hypothesis was wrong (or the wrong hypothesis was being tested). All plenty of material for a discussion. But don't confuse 'not finding evidence to support the null hypothesis' with 'not getting results'.