Interview expenses


Hi everyone.

I was selected for a PhD interview and its a bit far away. The only ways for me to go is by coach or train.
They said they will pay me travel and food costs for the day and did not mentioned any limit, just if I needed to stay in a hotel with breakfast, which they would pay maximum 75£.

The thing is, the train is faster but more expensive (80£ for 4h30) but I can and get there on time and then I can return home before 00h whereas by bus its 40£ for 7h30 and the return travel that I can get will bring me home the next day at 7h30am.

So what should I do? Bus or train?


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have you thought about a plane - sometimes they can work out cheaper if you're travelling between big cities.

I'd go for the easiest option for you.


Just take the train if it's easier. When I've been for interviews they've not cared how I've travelled as long as it's not first class!