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Hey Joanna!

I've also started just 2 weeks ago and been having an amazing time. Wish you all the best :)

standing at the base of the mountain

Hi Cornflower.

I am also a newbie like you and I pretty much have the same concerns like you. I've downloaded loads of articles, read some of them, some methodology but seems like I can't really start to focus before my first day, which will be in October.

Like Doctor Soul, I will do an advertised science PhD and will also move hundreds of miles to do it...and I'm also stressing if I will be capable of being creative and taking the project independently into a new level or direction!

I'm glad I can see most of my fears and feeling in some of you, which gives me the idea that I'm not the odd one... and that we will help each other and motivate one another over the next 3 years!!

I wish you all the best and good luck.


Congratulations Claudia (Portuguese?)!! You must feel really good about it.

I'm also just starting my PhD in October so it's great to hear good news around and see happy people.

Good luck for your Viva. Tell us how it went afterwards.

Does the University/Institute really matter?

Thanks for all your very helpful replied. I will think about it with more information now.

Does the University/Institute really matter?

Thanks for the tips. But doesnt it happen that a young supervisor might be in the early stage of is career and then later on turns out to be top class?
I think the most important thing for me now is that the supervisors are both friendly and receptive to student input. They dont publish a lot . just the normal. I think I would feel very good and welcomed there. This is also important isnt it?

I'm just a little bit scared that afterwards I dont get a good career in academia because of the Uni or group I was in. I thought that the PhD thesis would be worthy to this cases and the broad techniques perfomed...but by your answers probably I'm dreaming :D


Does the University/Institute really matter?

Hi guys!

Just wanted to ask you how important is the University reputation for when we get our PhD and apply for jobs, such as post doc?

I thought it wouldnt make much difference (only the big 4 such as Cambridge, Oxford, UCL and Imperial) and that the most important thing would be the project and the techniques that you got to work with during that project!

Can I have some of your feedback on this?

Thanks everyone!

Interview expenses

Hi everyone.

I was selected for a PhD interview and its a bit far away. The only ways for me to go is by coach or train.
They said they will pay me travel and food costs for the day and did not mentioned any limit, just if I needed to stay in a hotel with breakfast, which they would pay maximum 75£.

The thing is, the train is faster but more expensive (80£ for 4h30) but I can and get there on time and then I can return home before 00h whereas by bus its 40£ for 7h30 and the return travel that I can get will bring me home the next day at 7h30am.

So what should I do? Bus or train?