IPA workshops - has anyone been to one?


I'm considering attending an IPA workshop (advanced), as this is what I will be using for my data analysis. I have read up on the subject, but thought a workshop might help. Thing is, it will be very expensive for me, I will have to fly in for the workshop - so cost of flight, plus cost of workshop - I will stay with friends so no accomm. costs. So I was just wondering if anyone had attended one and could give me some advice. I am so worried about this part of my PhD and am hoping attending the workshop will give me the confidence to do my data analysis well - but I don't want to end up spending quite a lot and come away thinking, well I could have read that in a book. Can anyone help?


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Hi Sunflower! I went to an IPA conference in Belfast near the beginning of my PhD- it was half workshop and half conference presentations from people who had used IPA in their work (including one of the people who really founded IPA). I was only in the beginners' workshop as I hadn't done any IPA at that point. To be honest, I didn't find the workshop that helpful...we had a quick practise at underlining relevant sections of a transcript and making border notes etc and there was a question and answer session, but I didn't really learn an awful lot about how to do it. Having said that, from the presentations I got a good idea of how IPA can be used and the results presented, and that was quite inspiring. After the conference I bought the Smith, Flowers & Larkin (2009) book on IPA and read that and another chapter written my my colleagues on how to do IPA (I can PM you the reference if you want) and pretty much went off that. I did have the advantage that my supervisor is very experienced in IPA, but I honestly learnt most of it from the book and the chapter. If it wasn't going to cost a lot I would say go, but if it's going to be really expensive, I wouldn't bother. I didn't find it that hard to pick up and I have written the results up now- I just read a lot of good quality IPA papers to think about how to present my results and although I have to make a few changes to my paper, the reviewers' comments on it were very positive, so I must have picked it up from the books reasonably well. I can't honestly say the workshop contributed anything to my final piece of work and I think it's perfectly possible to learn the technique from a good book. Hope that helps a bit! Best, KB


I did an IPA project for my MSc. It was down in london and was done by Jonathan Smith (of smith, flowers, and larkin book fame!). It was good, but really honestly, it didn't teach my anything that I wouldn't have got from reading the book. the only advantage it really adds is the opportunity to meet other people who are doing IPA and talk to them about your work. but if you have/create a yahoo account, their is an IPA chat forum group there that you can join and talk/discuss with others that way.

so bottom line, i think the workshop probably looks good on your cv, but in reality doesn't add much at all.

hope that helps


thanks purplecat and Keenbean for your helpful replies. I'm still considering this, trying to see if I can work it in with a family and friends visit, which would justify the airfare in my mind. Keenbean, could you please send me the reference you mention, that would be great. Again, thank you both for your help.


Hi guys,

So glad you brought up this topic. I will be also using IPA in my study, and I am facing the same problem of finding a cost and time - efficient training(s) in this approach.

Dear Keanbean,
Is there any chance to have a copy of the IPA reference you mentioned?

Many thanks and all the best of luck with your studies!