Is it normal to have no journal papers 1.5 years into my 3.5 year PhD (UK)?


I am currently 1.5 years into my Engineering PhD in the UK. I have one conference paper (at a fairly low tier) conference from my first year, one conference presentation and am currently working on my first journal paper which I want to submit a draft for by May.

I have done a lot of teaching work in my first 1.5 years which has been great experience (and good pocket money!) though now I am moving away from the University. So for the remaining 21 months I will be able to purely focus on my PhD and not be distracted by teaching work prep.

Does it sound like I am on track? I constantly feel like I am behind.


Plenty of people get their PhDs without a single paper to their name so if you are aiming to submit soon I wouldn't overly worry.

I should say though that the only person whose advice matters as regards progress is your supervisors so you should ask for that.

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Sounds about right. I think the number of papers during a PhD (and when) depends on the project more than the student. Some projects just have more papers than others and doesn't discredit you as student. Just do the best research you can.