Is it possible to submit for a PhD with a solid Research Masters Thesis?


Hi All!

New poster here.

I'm coming to the end of my research masters (2 year full-time). A lot of hard work and effort went into producing my thesis and contains 4 chapters (3 body chapters and a conclusion) that will hopefully be turned into 3 substantial papers. I'm in analytical biochem by the way!

My question is pretty much the title. If I think my Master thesis is substantial enough, does anyone know or have any experience with submitting Masters work as a PhD dissertation? I know one can bridge into a PhD program during their masters, but now that the work is done, Im curious as to whether my work could ever possibly stand up to PhD level stuff, and if its possible to submit in this way.

Sure let me know your thoughts! It's not that i want a fast-track to "dr" or anything like that. Just curious to know if it's possible.



I could be wrong but I think you can't receive credit for work associated with another (earlier) degree... I'm interested to hear what others have to say though. Congrats on getting 3 papers from a Masters!


Because you have 3 papers, I would be interested in chancing my arm on this if I was you.
I would look into PhD by publication and start asking questions.

I am pretty sure you'll fail but you have nothing to lose.

In terms of papers, you've done well but obviously I don't know whether you meet the criteria for independence of work and ideas but you are in a good place to race through a 3 year PhD (2.5 years works and 6 months research) if you can replicate that form.

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Well done on getting 3 papers out of your Masters project! That is really impressive and far better than some PhD students.

I understand why you want to upgrade to a PhD but you will need to talk with your university. I know my university has a system for Masters students to upgrade to a PhD mid way through if they so wish. Although it requires you to spend a certain amount of time as a PhD student (12 or 18 months I think) and have funding in place. Your postgraduate team/office will be your best place of advice and they can tell you about any possible processes

Secondly, that is a huge Masters thesis. It is probably big enough for a PhD but without PhD level scrutiny. If you are unscrupulous, I would remove two chapters and include them in a possible PhD thesis. One journal paper is probably good enough for a Masters thesis and makes a possible future PhD easier.