Is it too late


Hello Everybody

I am a third year phd student in film studies. Last 2 years I did study but not enought and this lead me to fail my Progress Review. My study is completely rely on litarature review. I still have 2.5 years left to finish this PhD but I cant stop thinking that if it is too late to actually do something after this point. Anyone ever felt like this? Can someone give me any idea what to do? I am losing my mind at the moment.

Thank you for your advice


I am not in films, so it is difficult to judge. Have an honest discussion with your supervisor. If he/she thinks your progress is too slow and beyond what you can catch up on, perhaps you may need to make a difficult decision on your PhD


Hello, completely different area of study, however my PhD was 3 years (with 9 months thesis pending after). The second year of my studies and part of the third were really lost, I went through something and it impacted my performance, I also started an amazing lit review only for someone to publish a flawless one a month after I'd collected data, then I had a study fail because of recruitment.
It wasn't easy, and I gave up on a social life but I managed to complete within the thesis pending period.
I'd look at what you realistically have to do, try to develop a plan or a GANNT chart so you can plan your progress. Take this to your supervisor and see if they agree it's workable. It's better to start this planning now and speak to them now rather than wait and find yourself losing even more time.
Do you have to resubmit for your progress review? I failed my progress review at the end of year 2 and had to resubmit for my progress review 4 months later?


Thanks Em89 for your sharing
Being able to admit failure and stand up from there is a form of courage.
Novikast, I think you will need to have a formal conversation with your supervisor about what you can do in the remaining two years. I am not in the film studies so I am not sure about the timeframe etc. i have heard many cases people have extended their candidature. Is that something available? Best of luck!