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Is it too late

Hello Everybody

I am a third year phd student in film studies. Last 2 years I did study but not enought and this lead me to fail my Progress Review. My study is completely rely on litarature review. I still have 2.5 years left to finish this PhD but I cant stop thinking that if it is too late to actually do something after this point. Anyone ever felt like this? Can someone give me any idea what to do? I am losing my mind at the moment.

Thank you for your advice

PHD answer

I looked but couldnt find the answer. My question is how many days usually does it take to get an answer from PHD applications in UK?. It's not written any universities website. How many days you got an answer from your applications?

PhD with a 2.1 and a Pass

Hello I have kinda same situation. I graduated with pass (54%) in creative art . I am an international student and I want to apply for PHD. I have a scholarship that covers my funding. So do you think it is impossible to get an offer from any school?