Is this correspondence ok or am I too senstive?


From my supervisor:

"I would like to comment on the fact that you said to T (whom I met yesterday) that I "agreed" on the fact that you left yesterday. Of course no, I disagree because you left before your delivered the overdue manuscript. Unfortunately I have been used to your behaviour over the past 4 years so I wasn't suprised.
I would have hoped that over the past 4 years you would have learned to abide by the rules but we both know that you can't... "C'est la vie" ...."

Our history is here:


It's unpleasant in the extreme. I got similar from my super. These people revert to being nasty little bully boys, given a modicum of power. Keep your chin up!


Hey Neozelandaise- No, it certainly isn't nice, but having read your other thread I am not surprised that this person is capable of writing something nasty like this. My supervisor is rather prone to making nasty comments when she's stressed (although she doesn't tend to incriminate herself by writing it in emails that could potentially be shown to someone) and I find it quite upsetting, although I deal with it better now than I used to. I think the sooner you get away the better, it's good to know you're putting some distance between you. I know it's not easy but do your best to ignore it, nothing will change this person. Whenever my sup is nasty I just think that she's obviously not a happy person right now and sometimes I even feel sorry for her. Same probably goes for your sup, so move on and leave him to live his nasty miserable life. Best of luck with the move! KB


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Definitely not being sensitive - it sounds like your supervisor is just trying to cover his own back! He has ego problems and it's good that there is distance between you as it'll make the write up easier now you won't have to see him. Keep going and try not to let him get under your skin but I know it's hard given your past history! It'll be over soon so you need to focus on that and try to ignore what he says unless he suddenly decides to be helful! I would like to think miracles do happen! ;-) Good luck! (up)


I don't mean to be rude, but I think he is horrible.


Could I suggest that you are slightly more careful about the details you are posting on here? From all the the detail given it strikes me you would be easily identifiable, particularly if you are posting emails from other people on a public forum.