Job application form question


Hey guys, I am filling out an application form for a junior research fellowship and have a quick question (it is the most detailed form I've filled out to date and I need to make sure I get it right!).

There is one section on the form for my 'research record' which says 'please give details of your research record, including dates, institution, topic and degree'. And there is a seperate section for published work.

For my research record I have put down my PhD and my MRes, and a sentence explaining the topic of each. Does that seem right?

Anyway my real question is should I include conference presentations in either of these sections? They aren't published work so don't seem like they should go in that section. Should I include them in the research record section?

They are on my CV and I have to submit a copy of that, so maybe I shouldn't include them at all?


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Firstly, include everything on your cv on your form - don't remove it, as chances are they won't look at both.

I'd be tempted to put conferences in the reserach record section. but don't just put a sentence about each - put a brief overview of any modules covered (I havea bullet point list) and then importantly a list of skills you've gained from these - if you need ideas PM me.

then in the cover letter/personal statement you can really go to town with fitting those skills to their requirements.


Whenever I included conferences I tended to do it in the research section. They might not be a paper but often they can be published as proceedings, so I included them as a seperate section (Conferences/Proceedings, Papers, Submitted Papers, Forthcoming Papers).


Thank you for your help! Good point about them probably not looking at both my CV and the form- afterall they'll only look at one or the other to start off with. I think I'll include my conferences in the research record section then.

A brief overview of modules covered in my MRes also seems like a good idea because I covered a lot of stuff in the taught section. It's all quite time consuming but once I've written a bulletpoint list like you have I can use that in future applications (I think I'll be completing a lot of applications over the next year or so ( :-( )

Thank you!