Job applications


Anyone else doing them at the moment? Even though not finished I'm applying for post docs (well gotta be optimistic!) but I'm struggling with the forms. Can anyone advise, should I list Phd as current employment? Or put on fact I am currently employed as an associate tutor, though only a few hours this term? Or say currently not employed?

Form I'm doing at the moment even wants current salary ... Erm at the moment it's zero as in continuation year!


Or if anyone wants to have a general chat about job applciations it can go here........ Anyone else doing them? especially interested in those who have not finished yet. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth even applying for stuff as post doc jobs want a PhD which I don't really have at the moment.


Hi Catalin,

I am currently applying for jobs, some in academia and some not. Well, I've just started really. I applied for the first one a month ago, got an interview but didn't get the job. I wasn't too disappointed though as it was good experience. I just applied for another tonight. It feels strange applying for jobs after such a long time. I am due to submit in June and I am now fundingless so I thought I better get onto it!

I have been avoiding jobs that say you should already have a PhD but applying for those open to applications from people close to submission.

Good luck :-)


Hey! Well I'm trying to stay in the same department for a post-doc and have a few applications in for funding, but am also exploring other options in case the funding doesn't work out (and I'm not optimistic that it will in the current climate!). I'm just getting started on my first job application at the moment. I originally emailed about the job (a research fellowship) to ask if you could apply if you hadn't finished your PhD and was told I couldn't, but then the same doc emailed me back yesterday and said that they had changed their minds and I was now welcome to apply, but I only have a few days now until the closing date. I was just going to put my PhD down as current employment. I don't think I've got the slightest chance of getting this job but I think it's time I learned how to fill in an application form! Good luck! KB


Thanks for the responses. I spent Sunday doing two job applications. One I really hope for an interview as it is at my current instution and would be working with my supervisor again. Downside is I think they want someone to start soon and I've already kinda made it clear I won't be available til late summer.

There seem to be quite a few about that are suitable..... think the main things that'll stand against me are not being finished and not having publications. Two things I hope to change this summer!

I've been applying for things that have PhD or equivalent my logic having done the bulk of the work is equivalent experience! Well not sure if recruiters see it the same but oh well! I've got an interview next week for a postdoc job but not holding too much hope. I'm going to have to do a telephone or skype interview as it clashes with a conference and can't be changed.

Good luck Keenbean and Slowmo (and anyone else) with applications pending


:-( Have been told unofficially that one of the interview panel for a postdoc at my current institution would not support appointing someone who has not finished their phd. This was a job I was encouraged to apply for by other members of the panel, and my supervisor who it would involve working with. Still reading between the lines it sounds like the others might have shortlisted me for interview so will have to see what the official answer is.


Hi everyone, here some sample job descriptions it might be helpful for you..