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Hello All,
I have just finished my PhD and very glad this forum is here now, OK, I haven't find a job yet and it is so frustrating, so I thought I might ask for some advice, may be am doing something wrong and not aware of it.

Any advice on finding a post doc will be really appreciated :$


You could try (not sure if that will get removed by the moderators but if it does try googling "prospects"!) - it has a lot of advice on CVs, covering letters, interviews etc.

in the mean time I would say publications are the number one thing that will improve your chances of getting a job, whether teaching or research, so concentrate your efforts on getting some good journal articles from your thesis. Check which are the most highly ranking journals in your field and aim for those. Also ensure you're up to date with conferences in your field and present at them. You need to hawk your thesis as much as possible!

good luck!


I know it might be an obvious one, but have you checked out your university's career service? Here at my uni, they have lots of advice, events, blogs etc and they are an amazing resource. Maybe you can arrange a chat with a careers adviser, just to get some hints and tips on CVs, cover letters, speculative applications etc.

Best of luck




consider going on Vitae's Advancing in Academia on the 29th of March in Manchester- it's free and should give you lots of tips for an academic career.

good luck!


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Sorry Tenniev but the article in vita website is not very useful