Journal Article Request (please help me!)

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Hello #postgrad comunity,

I'm looking for 3 important papers for my research (article requested are from Economic Geology journal) and I don t have any access from my University.


I hope someone will save me!

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bump! please someone....

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bump... :(

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Bump! ... (this forum is the only chance to obtain that articles)


I requested some journal articles here before and fortunately someone sent the articles to me. I wish I could help you. Sorry!

Did you ask for help from someone else like your classmates, your potential supervisors or those studying or working at a university?

You can also go to your own university library because there should be bound volumes of different journals there. Perhaps you may get the articles.


Sorry mate, I checked but my institution has no access to this journal. I would also suggest you ask at your university library. Alternatively, there is always the option to email the authors of the article.

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Could you join the Society for $20 a year and thereby get access?


pm me an email address and I should be able to send them on

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@dotdottung @datura Thanks for trying.

@ady - You have my e-mail(s) in your PM. Big thanks!

At my University we have access to major Journals (from Elsevier, Springer, etc.), but are some gaps like this one (SEG). So, in the future, if anyone need an full pdf article, please PM and I try to see if I have access from my University.

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What about an interlibrary loan? Most university libraries have a service for research students, where an article not held by that library can be requested, and a scanned pdf sent to the student. Worth a try.


Have sent them on; let me know if there's a problem :)


Hi Tzontonel, what about your research? Is it over? Could you please share about it? I am also a geology student and this time we are asked to start a project on geotechnical environment. Finite Element Modeling ( ) is one of the topics that I have chosen. Few other topics that I consider are:
-Slope Stabilization
We will be starting it by next week. Will share the updates with all! :)