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Journal Article Request (please help me!)

Hi Tzontonel, what about your research? Is it over? Could you please share about it? I am also a geology student and this time we are asked to start a project on geotechnical environment. Finite Element Modeling ( https://www.dstgroup.com/services/geotechnical-engineering/finite-element-modeling/ ) is one of the topics that I have chosen. Few other topics that I consider are:
-Slope Stabilization
We will be starting it by next week. Will share the updates with all! :)

MSc Geotechnical Engineering coming from a Geology degree

Hi Diego, I think it’s good to go for geotechnical engineering if you are a geology student. It uses the principal of soil mechanics and rock mechanics which I think may be very much familiar with a geology student. My cousin is also trying for geotechnical engineering in DST group. If you want, you can check the details here at https://www.dstgroup.com/careers/