Just sent my last chapter off


I've just finished and e-mailed my last chapter off to my supervisors. That's it. No more chapters to write, hopefully. There may be some corrections to do with it, but I'm nearly there now. Of course, there's always a down-side, a counter balance. I have to write a paper over christmas for publication. Then I have to do my references and put all the chapter numbers and sections in. However, I've done the appendix and I almost have a full thesis. I have to submit by early Feb, but hopefully I'll do it towards the end of January.(gift)

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Yay, congratulations! That sounds like a fantastic milestone to reach.


(up) So it does end, eventually?

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congrats Wal!

I should be at the same stage as you but I've not even submitted 1 chapter yet :-(

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Well done!!!! I imagine you might be shattered now but how exciting!!


Well done, it feels good doesn't it! I am at a similar stage with editing and 'creating' the final thesis. It will be good to see the beast in a printed format as it doesn't seem real on the screen lol. Good luck with the publication over christmas, otherwise enjoy the festivities (turkey)


hi wally
congratulations!!!!!! this is so nice!!!!!!
how many chapters does your thesis have?

love satchi


Thanks everyone. It does feel good to be finally seeing the tail end of things. Satchi, my thesis has 11 chapters in total.


Nice one! Wow, 11 chapters... I only had 5 8-)

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Whhehehhaaaayyyyyyy! WELL DONE WAL (up)8-)(snowman)


Congratulations! I should have finished as you this month but still to write 2 chapters. I even don't have 11 chapters but 7.:$


Congratulations! That is awesome news!


Quote From walminskipeasucker:

Satchi, my thesis has 11 chapters in total.

that's great wally :-)
love satchi


:D Congrats! On the downhill now!


I've just seen this Wally, congrats!! I remember that feeling, here's hoping there aren't too many corrections and you can concentrate on getting it all done! Seeing it altogether for the first time is worth it!! Good luck!!!