Ladies: working through your menses


hi girls,

how do you deal with writing up and your menses?

on a scale of 1-5, 5 being as bad as it can be, i'd put mine on 4. they are really controlling always sabotage my work. how do you cope with it all? do you manage to get any work done?forgive me if this question is a bit high school. i just don't know how to cope anymore. i've tried paracetamols and drinking lots of water - been to the docs, don't want any hormonal treatments. already had them with negative effects. how do you deal with work when its that time of the month.


Hi Hailey,

I'd say mine at their worst are about pain level 2 or 3, the pain isn't what distracts me though, I tend to go a bit anaemic and dizzy and lose concentration more than anything. If I'm having one of those days then I won't push it and I'll do something that either really interests me, or something that requires very little input from my brain! I am on the combined pill but I don't really think it's made that much difference to how I feel at that time of the month! I guess just try to get plenty of rest, eat well and exercise? Sorry if that's not very helpful!


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Actually Lindalou your post is really helpful. am glad to hear am not the only one whose brain stops during this time.

am the same - towards anaemic. was on the pill before, it helped reduce the pain and flow so now my menses only take about 3 days - before was 8 days!- but they are 3 horrible days. it takes quite a while for my brain to function properly again as i can't actually follow anything. i feel bad because of deadlines and these problems. doing something i enjoy plus the guilt that comes with that venture right now is not feasible.

am thinking of proofreading a chapter [which is going terribly - i can't remember what i said in the previous page. lol.] and doing footnotes, bibliography, formatting and things like that.

in the meantime am just trying to drink as much water as i can and eat well.

i will try to watch a movie...
men have it so easy..


I know the feeling well! I don't think men do realise how easy they have it in comparison! Hope you feel better, the obligatory hot water bottle and chocolate always goes some way to making me feel better too :-)

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I recognise that feeling too! Hot water bottle and lots of chocolate and sometimes just taking time off to lie on the sofa and feel all sorry for myself, those are the only things that really help me. If I have to work, I try to find something that doesn't involve too much brain power, or that I can give myself very detailed instructions to follow. But I agree, it's just misery!


I've no miracle solution either, unfortunately. On a scale of 1-5, I'm about 3.5 for the first few days, but after that only about a 1.
I just fill myself with chocolate and painkillers (w/caffeine) and wait for the pain storm to pass.


This is a really good question, Hailey! I finally got into the habit of creating my schedule around my "bad days." It's predictable, so I have my calendar checked off several months in advance and avoid scheduling anything important near those crucial days, such as meeting with supervisor, presentations, deadlines, etc. Those "bad days" are reserved for lower-order thinking tasks - organizing files on the computer, making lists of books I'll need, catching up on laundry - things I need to do, but that don't require much focus. Sure, it's frustrating when you want to work, but you're too physically and mentally drained to do so. In the past, I beat myself up over it, but then realized I can still use the down-time constructively.

What helps? Warm showers, hot water bottles, and lots of sleep. Your diet is also important. I stick to fresh fruit and veg - especially dark, leafy vegetables (lots of iron). Ever since I stopped eating processed foods, I've noticed a difference in my health overall. Vitamin C helps iron absorption, so try fresh orange juice with iron-rich meals. Is it possible for you to see a dietician? That might help you in the long run more than medications and hormonal treatments.

Hang in there!


ummmm my honest answer would be that it didn't affect me to my knowledge, other than a few hours of pain as it started each month, so I would dose up on paracetomal and ibuprofen together and carry on. I am guessing I'm one of the "lucky" ones though.