leaving permanent job for a postdoc


I return to the forum after months. I hope everybody is doing fine.
As some of you could remember I started a job in industry few months ago. I am already bored and not motivated. This is partly due to the fact that I don't use my technical skills much, partly I have no interest in the financial interests of the company and partly I moved into a new town where I don't know anyone other than the office mates. Now there is an opportunity for a post doc in another continent in a top institute. The idea of doing research without the thesis hanging over my head is tempting. On the other hand I will earn much less and my partner won't like the idea of moving so far away. In short I am very much in doubt.
Any advice?


Hey Blue, well probably not a lot more I can say than what will have been racing through your head already.

How long is the postdoc for? Would your partner be able to get a job over there/study as well? Have you discussed it with your partner at all yet? When you say you will earn less, do you mean like for like current salary or comparably for the place it would be to study in? Could you get another job in industry here instead? Are there other ways you could get to know people? Are you hoping the postdoc would mean a move into academia or would it be doing it just because it's available?


Hi Blue,

I'm in kind of the opposite position to you, I currently have a postdoc position which I really enjoy, I want to stay in academia and work my way up. The problem at the moment is I've been working on a series of short term contracts (4-6months) often with a few months unemployment between them, and am never sure if or where the next one will come from. I love my job and find it facinating. The problem is I can't keep doing this, I need some job security, there is a long term position (2.5 years) coming up which I really want, but if I don't get it, I think I'll end up turning my back on academia and getting a job I probably won't enjoy as much but will have more long term security. I'm dreading this happening but it feels like my only other option.

My advice would be ask yourself what you value the most, doing something you enjoy on short term contracts or having the security or a more long term job that you find boring. My preference is for something I enjoy, but ultimately I may not really have the choice :-( Obviously you need to factor in your partner's situation too which makes things more complicated. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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