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PhD major corrections

Hi Joeb, I was in the exact same situation as you, a few months back. I don't know if your situation has changed in the last few weeks. I know the agony and anticipation of waiting.

Please have patience and optimism - if you have included all the corrections they asked you to, you will pass. You can try and reach out to your exam office and student services both with 1 or 2 emails. I would try and follow up weekly, if you haven't received any answers. But, please don't contact the examiners directly as many Universities don't allow that.
Just a few more weeks and you will be out of this wait!

Also another thing that helped me was planning what I will do next. It's like looking forward to something better.
Good luck and let us know when you got it!

Feeling numb and hopeless

Hi jw5,

I read your post and I am sorry that you had to face all this. The time is hard right now. Please have faith because it will pass and you will emerge stronger.

My PhD was a harrowing experience but I really, badly wanted to do a PhD so I stayed until the end. But it was long. I had another friend who started with me but after the first year, he thought his goal was not met by PhD - so he quit, got a job and is really happy now. It is not a shame or a bad choice to do something else, if that's what you feel is right for you.

But if you want to do a PhD despite all these, at the end of the day, then you need to find out how you can find ways to move forward, to find support. It's going to be hard but you will find a way to move forward and complete. Please communicate and reach out to student services, University Counselling services and helpful peers or seniors. You can also consider switching to part time PhD if that feels more manageable.

Would you consider taking up a lovable hobby or something that you'd look forward to, along with your PhD? If it's possible, please consider taking a break and do something completely different before you decide ( I did this during my PhD - I took a medical leave for 2 months because of my bad mental health).

Please consider doing things you love so that you can avoid this trap that your worth is tied to your academic performance. It is not. In my first year milestone, I had nothing to present - only failed experiments. In fact 90% of my PhD thesis is a documentation of these failed experiments as research is not just what works, but what doesn't. So, maybe what you are considering as worthless is actually of great value/. I would encourage you to talk about this to someone supportive from your field.

Good luck and I hope that good things come your way soon!!

Major corrections - run out of energy to finish

Hey CJ1290,

I hear you. I understand your situation because I was in the same position this year February. I passed my viva but was given major corrections for six months and my supervisor is extremely unsupportive. So, I know how you feel every time you look at your thesis and list of corrections.

But the good news is you'll get through this. I completed and submitted my major corrections last month and now waiting to hear back from the committee. So, what I want to say is you can definitely do this. I would suggest to not walk away as this is your work and you deserve a PhD that's why they gave you another opportunity.

So, for me what helped was talking to University Counselling services and getting a counsellor who was basically my accountability check. I was given a list of corrections by my examiners. So, I made a plan as to when and how I am going to incorporate these corrections. In fact broke it down to several small tasks spread through the week. At the end of the week, I met with my counsellor to update them about what I could achieve and what I couldn't. I also discussed any issues that bothered me. It really, really helped.

Also, please do not isolate yourself - keep in touch with people who understand this, your closest friends without judgement. When I felt low, this forum helped me a lot - I read about other people who were in the same situation and that really helped. Please see this post - it really boosted my confidence.

You can do this. If I can, then you can. You have come this far, please do not give up.
Good luck!

Mindset of working with a boss/supervisor

Hi, I have just re-submitted my PhD thesis (with corrections). While I wait that decision, I have started to look for jobs. But there are some things that are holding me back.
I had an extremely stressful relationship with my PhD supervisor. She constantly bullied and harassed me. So, my confidence took a major hit. Since last year I started volunteering for an organization that does really good work. I enjoyed the work and I made some friends. But the boss in that organization was narcissist and egotistical that led to the entire team resigning in just a day, last week. I left too but this has also brought up feelings of insufficiency of working with a boss.
Unfortunately, since the last 8 years, I have been working with bosses who were bullies and I ended up being bullied/harassed. I feel very very underconfident that no matter where I go, I will always have a problem with my boss/manager. I am a straight talker but I try to be mindful while speaking so as not to hurt others. Maybe there's some problem with my mindset.
I don't think this mindset will help me especially now that I am looking for new jobs, starting a career after my PhD.
Did any of you face this? How do I heal from here? Where do I go from here? How can I change this?

Life after resubmission of PhD thesis

My PhD was one of the most difficult phases - I struggled with a difficult topic, hostile boss, depression, anxiety, severe homesickness. Covid made it all the more difficult. I got major corrections after my PhD viva. I have recently resubmitted. I do not know what the resubmission outcome will be. If I fail after this, how am I ever going to live with that or face friends/family? What happens to the job situation when they know i failed my PhD?

I have been applying for jobs in industry and I have been struggling there too. I have applied to many jobs and got one or two interviews, but not with positive response. Some of my peers have done excellent in their PhD, published multiple papers, got through their viva successfully and then landed a job even before submitting their thesis.

Sometimes I wonder if so much struggle was worth it. I wonder if I am clever enough to actually get a PhD and a job. Hope all of this will be worth it in the end.

Thanks for listening, friends.

Corrections after PhD viva without scholarship or job

Thank you all for your kind words. I am trying to keep my morale high and focus on getting the corrections done. Hopefully it will be done soon and I can move on to better and happier life.

Viva - not enough data, resubmission with extra Chapter

Hi, so sorry to hear this outcome. But, please don't worry - I had the same outcome and I feel exactly how you are feeling. I feel ashamed, embarrassed and especially when other people ask - guilty as hell. It's as if I did not have any achievements and even when I get my PhD, it will not be the same. I posted in this forum too, a few days ago. As I am awaiting replies, meanwhile I am telling myself - what can I do now other than keep working on these corrections? I have decided to intake positive things until the corrections are done and interact only with my closest friends and family who love me and understand what's going on. I have decided to avoid interactions with people who can bring up unnecessary questions. I wish I could offer you more hope but right now, all I can offer is companionship - you are not alone. We will get through this. Just hold on a little more. You deserve a PhD - that's why we are at this point. My love and best wishes to you.

Corrections after PhD viva without scholarship or job

I am in my fifth year of PhD (in the UK). I had my PhD viva in February this year. After that, I have been given major corrections and six months to complete them. My scholarship ran out 2 years ago. I am surviving on my savings and some part time jobs. I am trying to keep up my morale to work through the corrections but it's getting unbearable - I don't even want to look at my thesis. My PhD was miserable - my supervisor was not at all supportive. I have no papers out of my PhD. My family members are getting impatient because I bring no money home. My marriage is strained as money is strained at home. They seem to consider last 10 years of my life completely unsuccessful and a total wastage. Before I started this PhD, I tried doing a PhD at another university - didn't work out - lost 2 years there. I have kept myself afloat with part time jobs and scholarship all these years but I don't know how long I can do this for. I feel extremely depressed and fed up. Lost confident in my ability to get this PhD done and get a proper job. Feels like I am in a prison of stress.
I guess I am just venting. If you have any advice, suggestions, thanks. Thanks anyway for listening.