literature review or theoretical framework?


which one comes's first in your thesis? the literature review or the theoretical framework?


L. Review, since you want to place the TF within its context...


Not necessarily, mine doesn't fit that model - it's the other way round.


what's the purpose of a theoretical framework? it is to make an argument or to show how an argument will be made or tested or is it a collection of theories. mine provides a framework upon which to test an argument.


Only a collection of theories in a very bad PhD.... it should contain aspects of methodology...
OK then GENERALLY most people will find LR then TF works best.


Most 'soc science' stuff (which I think you are) would do 'lit review' stuff first followed by 'theoretical framework' (which I'm assuming would sit in some type of 'methodology' chapter).


Mine are to an extent one in the same... the literature suggests I need to use a particular framework (they have used it and I'm building on their work), but having accepted that particular framework, there's another body of literature I have to cover. I'm over two fields, so have to lit reviews, and effectively it is:
Lit Review, Framework, 2nd Lit review.
I've actually come across a few people that don't have a stand alone lit review, but have lit reviews at the beginning of each chapter. So I think it depends on the nature of the thesis. but generally, yup, Lit Review first, then Methodology


thanks guys. am going to have mine after literature review. i had them combined before and it was hard to make it work.