Made some progress so what should I do?


I've made some progress in the last few days on rearranging my dining room to be a beter workspace, completed my skills audit for PhD annual review, finished a first draft of a paper for a journal, now have a very detailed outline of PhD lit review, read a couple of articles and have started writing it) and have spent some quality time with each of my children. So what do I do over the Bank Holiday? Should I stick with PhD as I am on a bit of a roll, should I finish the dining room (and then more onto kid's bedrooms and rest of the house) or should I say stuff it I'm having a day off and go out somewhere?


Take some time off! :-) Having said that, I'll spend most of today and tomorrow working...

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Hi Jepsonclough, I haven't voted because, although my first instinct was 'take the day off!', that roll you're in is, in my experience, gold dust, so I just couldn't bring myself to click the button. Depends when the last time you had a day off was, and what calibre of fun you have available. A day with the kids could be great, sounds like it to me anyhow.


As someone who used to work in spurts, I'd say if you're on a roll then go with it. It depends how much effort you find it to get going again if you do take the day off.


Have found an amazing book publishe din 1955 so am reading that but am going to break for lunch in the garden with the children - so bit of both - kinda feel I should go with the roll.


It's a rare treat to feel like your ontop of things with a PhD. Embrace the moment, take the break you never know when you'll feel this way in the future.


You're on a roll, go with it (Like DanB, I work in fits and starts and know how valuable those rolls are.)

Don't forget to "bank" your bank holiday (geddit?) for the next time you are feeling frustrated* and in need of a well-deserved break.


*Not that I am suggesting that this in inevitable! :p