Major advice needed



I need some major advice. Im not looking to be told its completely impossible, rather advice about how I might achieve my goals.

I have an integrated master in chemistry (MChem), however, I only achive a 2:2. Since then I have become a secondary science teacher. I am wanted to go back to academia. I am aware that with my grade, it is extremely unlikely I would be able to get accepted onto a PhD.

To that extent I am consdiering applying for a master programme.

There are several questions I have. Would getting a masters help my application for PhD? Or would my original degree prevent me completely? Is it even possible for me to do a master when I already have an integrated masters? If I can could I get funding for it? Is there anyone I could speak to get advice from?




Your 2:2 is certainly a problem both from the perspective of getting accepted onto a PhD course and also your ability to cope with the PhD successfully. A postgrad masters degree is the easiest way to fix that.

People do get onto PhD programs with a 2:2 but my personal opinion is that this simply devalues a process which should be preserved for the most academically gifted people. The PhD is the pinnacle of academic achievement. Preparing your base camp properly with a good masters degree is commonsense really so I think you have the right idea here.
You should experience no problems whatsoever getting onto a Masters course as far as I know but oers may have a different opinion.

Go for it and good luck.


You should be ok with a 2.2 since it's in a masters already. Sometimes masters require 2.1 at u/g as well.

If you want funding you will have to take out a government loan for a masters - I'm not sure whether you can do this since you already have a masters.

Speak to the admin teams of the prospective departments you are applying to.