major doubt help!


Dear Folks!

Does anyone have similar experience as me? I submitted an incorrect version of manuscript to a journal by mistake. I submitted this version on Day 1 and within a few hours it was Day 2, and I noticed the status said that it was with the editor.

I released my mistake and resubmitted the right version through the publishing group of the journal (they have a support system for researchers in case of any issues). This is because once you submit, the system doesn't allow you to make any changes by yourself.

Now my question is that what are the chances that the editor who was assigned already read the old file and took a decision to send it out for review or reject? The status changed to with editor almost immediately within a few hours after submission but does this necessarily mean that they have seen it?

Will the editor only have access to the new manuscript or also the old? Since it is not a resubmission based on a reviewers report, to my understanding they can only see one submission file…only if it goes through review process they have the original and the revised files.

Also, since the file was changed, I am able to see and download only the latest file on my online submission system.

I would like them to see the new version and consider that. I also informed the publishing assistant who uploaded my current version and she said that it will be the current version they will consider. I am a bit concerned that what if the editor already made a decision?

Any similar experiences and/or your thoughts? please share….



My sup accidentally submitted an earlier version of my manuscript, and luckily it was still accepted for publication.


Dear MeaninginLife

Thanks for the reply. Could you please specify whether your supervisor accidentally submitted the wrong version of your manuscript at the initial submission stage i.e. the first time you submit your article or did he do it at the revision stage or post acceptance stage?

I did it at the initial submission stage :( And since there was a few days (4 days) in between me submitting my old and new file.…I am worried if he/she has read the old version and already taken a decision in his/her mind?


It would probably be best to email the journal for clarification.


Relax, you will be fine :)

I'm a reviewer, and we are given a window of 1 month to review. I always check it a week or a day before its due!

Its very unlikely your reviewwer even saw it, even if they did, who cares! They'll only judge you by your final!

Relax and honestly nothing to worry about at all :)


Hi Choco

Thanks so much for the feedback…actually its not out to the reviewers yet. its still with the editor

Do you think he/she will consider the latest version or have I made a bad impression of some sort? I was under a panic attack when I submitted and this is the first time something like this has happened to me :'(

According to the customer support assistant at the publishing group, they should consider the last available version especially for sending out for review…

Thanks for your positive feedback :)


Hi Pia,

My sup submitted the wrong version in the initial submission.
However, my sup blamed me for having so 'many' versions. :)

It should be good to clarify with the editor as HazyJane has suggested.
However, it is possible that this will give a negative impression.
So, is it really that critical? Some editors may focus on the introduction, conclusion and references…


Honestly don't worry, if they said they will consider the last one, they will.

If a version of the document was changed by administrator, I wouldn't be able to see old one, even if I wanted to.


Hi meaninginlife

Thanks for your feedback...yes the changes were that in the previous version two references were forgot to be added..a sentence in methods was also actually a comment from a coauthor and wasn't meant to be there...this mainly happened coz we are plenty of coauthors and were working with track changes...but when one coauthor made change and sent to the other coauthor seems like they had accepted all changes without paying enough attention to what was this case it was a comment written within the text para itself...

And just like I had multiple versions on my laptop and during the submission (late night) I was feeling tired and was having a panic I wrong,y attched an old version which was exactly the same as the right version except for an extra letter. Of the alphabet...

So whilst I too believe that it is a minor thing and I'm sure the editor would concern is if the editor had already downloaded the first version on his/her laptop and read the old version before the new one was uploaded by customer support...then it may seem inconsistent to him/her if she reads the correct file? and that may even lead to a rejection but I hope that it's not that serious....just that the journal is number 1 in this field...they do take things seriously as I gathered from their webpage

@Choco I understand that if the administrator changes the file they can see the latest version but my concern is the few days In between before it was changed...and secondly I saw a tutorial on the publishing group page and it says that if a file is changed then they see this version but can always revert back to the old one...

since it hasn't gone out for review, one good thing is that if it passes the editor in charge then the right version will go out to the reviewers...



Just tell the editor that you prefer the latest file.
One editor mentioned that the replacement of manuscript could lengthen the review process. Good luck!


Hi MeaninginLife

Thanks for the comment again…I understand that the review might be delayed. Did this editor give a specific reason why it could lengthen the review process?

The latest file is with the Editor that has already been confirmed by the customer support of the publishing group…and also because thats the same pdf file I can download online through the submission system. Its the same file at my end that the Editor has…

The customer support said that it seems like Editor is busy looking for reviewers and checking their availability.

Can the customer support view this from their end? Since they are the ones who replaced my file, my guess is that they can see what the Editor is upto?


Oh and one more question for you @ meaninginLife…when your supervisor submitted the new file…did the editor ask him/her to attach a cover letter explaining what had been changed or did they simply accept the new file without any explanation?

In my case, the customer care person only asked me to give me the new file…


Hi Pia,

For my case, my sup did not submit a new file. However, my sup has good relationship with the editor. :)

In one journal, an editor explicitly discourages revising the file after submission. (It is mentioned in the submission process...) Frankly, I can imagine the confusion caused for the admin etc... who does not know much about the manuscript. However, what is most important is the overall quality of your manuscript. Who does not make little mistake like this?


I guess you are right meaninginlife…you do seem to have a meaning there

I have been feeling sick because of this mistake cos I'm still worried that it might have made a wrong impression on the editor…tomorrow is my birthday and i feel so bad…don't feel like celebrating until I know that its gone for review…


Just let it be. They've said they'll look at the latest version. Leave it at that.

If you hassle the editor any more about this you are very likely to create a bad impression, and make it less likely they will accept any paper from you.

So just relax. Chill out. Have a cup of tea, and a chocolate :)

Good luck!