Make up questions (for us girls), need answer please


hi suddenly I'm not sure what to do anymore, I would appreciate some answers:

1. when applying body lotion, do you use it on your stomach and breasts?
I'm asking this because now I apply on arms, ankles, legs, top of my feet and back of the heels. I know this is a stupid question but my worry is: if lotion is applied on our bust, wont it stick to the bra. I didnt think that our chest area needs any moisturisers but now I feel as though my skin is dry there. Could also be due to the new shower gel I used today.

2. Which one comes first, mascara or eye shadow. I need help on this because mascara is so difficult. If i sneeze, it will smear around my eyes. I don't know how to put it properly.

3. Also, I've only noticed (since using mascara) that if I apply it and then walk to uni, by the time I get there, there will be some smudges around my eyes. How can I prevent this.

4. Last question (which I really need some tips) is the flaky stuff on my lips, is it really my lips drying up, or is it the lipgloss that is not good quality? I find that if I apply gloss say at 8.30am, by 11.30am after I've had coffee, my lips tend to be flaky and I have to wet a tissue to try to wipe those off. otherwise I apply lipstick and the bits get on the lipstick.

any advice will be welcome


Drink more water and use waterproof mascara (after you have applied your eyeshadow).


thanks. I guess i need to be very careful not to sneeze when I apply mascara. its a very tricky process.
maybe just need more practice.

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Hi Satchi, not sure about he body lotion question, I never use it. However, it sounds as if your skin could be de-hydrated generally and drinking more water and making sure you get the right oils into your system could very well help with your chest area and your lips. I take a omega 3, 6 and 9 supplement which is quite reasonably priced at Superdrug. Otherwse eat lots of oily fish or find another good all round omaga oil source, such as sesame seeds.

Always apply mascara after eyeshadow, this will avoid the shadow landing on the coated lashes, and colouring them, when you apply it. Top tip: Coat the top side of your eyelashes with mascara first, then use the usual upward sweeping motion to curl the lashes upwards. This way your lashes will be entirely covered, and any shadow that has landed on them will be swept away or covered. Mascara smudging is more of a mystery to me, perhaps you need a waterproof one?

Oh and I meant to say: I'm sure you are very beautiful without mascara, so you could try letting the world see your natural fabulousness without the shadow and mascara - it's also a lot less hassle. I stopped wearing make up during the day (and sometimes for evenings out) in the last year or two and life is so much easier - I'm just so busy with other things.

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I use body lotion everywhere but to avoid sticky bra, just rub it in loads and then let it dry (I usually brush my teeth while waiting) and then put bra and clothes on.

Eye shadow must come first. If you want your mascara not to smudge - and I know the tricks because my eyelashes are about 2 meters long - you must use waterproof mascara AND check what kind of foundation/conceler you are using. I have one concealer that seems to melt the mascara so it ends up all over my face about 10 mins after applying and then I look like an idiot all day.

For flaky lips get Body SHop Vitamin E lip balm - its amazing, its the only thing I ever wear on my lips, mainly because they say its 'lips or eyes' and my eyelashes mean the latter get all the attention.


hi sneaks and eska
thanks for the tips. I will remember to let the body lotion dry before I put on my bra.
I have short eye lashes *sigh* not much can be done there....
heres why I started to use mascara; I was getting lots of compliments (I'm so silly!)
then sometimes I found myself looking like a panda (maybe not waterproof mascara!).
I'm going out shopping tomorrow; do you know a good brand for mascara....
also when do you apply concealer?
thanks satchi


I'm a bit of a make up addict and have converted most of my friends and family (including boys!) to the stuff I wear! Mascara-wise for shorter lashes try Dior's DiorAddict (they do a waterproof too but mine has never smudged - even after a naughty night); or if you're on a stricter budget Rimmel's mascaras are great - their lengthening one is ace.


You can try giving your lips a gentle scrub, maybe just with your toothbrush when you're brushing your teeth- exfoliating helps keep them soft and smooth. Vaseline is also a simple winner for dry lips.

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I'm converted to Bobby Brown I think - just about to stock up! I sometimes apply concealer under my eyes if I look nackered ha ha, I used to more than I do now.


thanks so much for the tips!!! I've never used Bobbi brown, maybe I'll have a look at the prices
I'll also have a look at Rimmel; if the dior mascara is too expensive :-)
happy satchi


Not sure if you wear eyeliner but Bobbi Brown does a very good one which lasts all day and never smudges. It's about £13 for the pot but that lasts for months.

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I would say after years of buying stuff like rimmel etc its worth it to buy less stuff i.e. not 40 shades of eye shadow you will never wear, and just buy better brands. I like BB cos they do foundation pale enough for me which mac etc don't do - those ones turn me orange!

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This is a really funny thread for me, because it's making me realise just how un-makeuppy I have become in the last ten years or so. I have three or four eye shadows, a clinique duo and a couple of Barry M glitter pots; I use two tubes of foundation, one darker, one lighter and blend them to suit my colour that day - or more often night; one blusher; two lipsticks that I can never find; and a mascara. The only thing I have replaced in the last three years is the mascara because I read that litlle mites jump from your eyelashes onto the brush so you have to replace them pretty often. Most of my makeup was bought over three years ago, so sneak's comment about things lasting for months made me giggle, I expect mine to last for decades! Oh, also, I have an Yves Saint Laurent touche eclait that I acquired about two years ago and still consider it a novel addition that I'm sure how to handle. I used to buy a lot of make up, but now I just don't think about it. Oh, and my trusty black eyeliner pencils... that I never sharpen, and can never find the sharpner for!

I know this will probably sound conceited, but I love the colour - and shape - of my lips, and have never found a lipstick to beat it, so unless I'm going somewhere dark, I don't bother.


hello ladies!
For dry skin, the good intensive remedy is bio oil, you just need a little bit and make sure you rub it in thoroughly, it's a really good way to treat yourself after a crappy day cos massaging it in is really relaxing and if you do it at night, then in the morning you skin will be all nice again. Always let moisturiser dry in before dressing and maybe don't use the shower gel if it's drying you skin out.
As for make up, I also love the Dior stuff, the mascaras are great and the foundation and lipliner! For lipstick, estee lauder have always been great and don't give me the lumpy bits you sometimes get with other brands. Exfoliating your lips is good too, but don;t do it too harshly! And ultimate tip, as we are all student, go to the make up counter, say you're thinking of trying the new products and ask for some samples, the little mascaras are great and last ages! All those posh brands have samples that they can give out, I'm v lucky cos my cousin works at the Dior make up stall and sneaks me little samples home all the time! 8-)

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Ooh yes bio oil is great. I bought it when I had surgery to reduce the scar afterwards. I have no idea if it worked because the scar is one that goes all the way up my spine like a zip - I like to think its where they put my stuffing in. So not sure if it worked because I can't see it, but it smelt really nice. I also like Palmers coco butter in the tub mmm - smelling that actually cures chocolate cravings, although try not to eat it!