Managing process after first draft to sup


Hi all.

Congrats to all those recent Docs and those who have just submitted.. we seem to have has a lot lately... i'd like to ask your advice please.

I've given my first draft to my sup, meeting next week to discuss. i'm p/t phd, working f/t.

I'd like some ideas on how to manage the process of the inevitable revisions.

do you re-send whole thesis every X weeks, noting where changes are ? send just revised chapters ? etc. how often, every X weeks ?

meet every X weeks to discuss.

I'm hoping to submit by the end of the year, did i just write that then... that's a secret ,-)

But given my meeting with sup next week, if i get asked how do you want to play this from here on in.. i'd like some ideas on ways that have worked for you guys.

thanks Chuff


hi chuff
I am 2nd year phd; we do drafts by chapter.
Meet every 2 weeks or weekly (depends on supervisor).
but usually the comments come by email so its really quick
and then the headache is when I need to do revision etc :-)
love satchi


In between my first full draft and the final draft that my sup read I didn't send in anything, chapters or full. I just got on with all the changes. And then once the changes had been done I sent the full thing to my sup again just before Christmas 2009. He read it through, had final comments/revisions, focusing in particular on pulling the whole thing together into a big picture/thesis/argument, then I made my changes before submitting in February 2010.

And I didn't meet him regularly throughout this process. I was a part-time student too. There was no need to meet up. I just got on with the changes.

But my chapters had been previously read and commented on before this, and we'd discussed a lot of issues. Before I had a full thesis I was sending in pairs of chapters as I finished them. And then once I had a whole thesis worth I re-sent in the whole thing, as at the start of this post.


Thanks both.

my sup is a new sup, at this late stage, as my two others have left - one maternity leave and the other to a new post overseas so face to face contact with anyone who knows my work is limited.

my new sup is fab though, as were my other two .. so in that sense i have been lucky. feel sorry for new sup thought , has to read a first draft when its 85k+ .. poor thing.

thanks again