Microsoft 2007 Problems


In a document that I'm working on at present there is a large amount of unwanted space between my second and third paragraphs (I have no idea how it got there). When I try to move the third paragraph back up, nothing happens other than the deletion of the period which ends my second paragraph. I've selected the "don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" option, but nothing changes. All the rest of my paragraphs are evenly-spaced. I have no idea how to fix this, but I would certainly appreciate any advice.


Did you check the paragraph spacing and line spacing of the two pragraphs? If you didn't check these for the last line of the second paragraph and then for the first line of the third.


This happens to me all the time.
Highlight both paragraphs and the right mouse click. Click on 'Paragraph' then tick the box 'dont add space between paragraphs'.
That should help.


Thanks for the replies - your help is much appreciated. I followed the steps that both of you mentioned. Alas, still no change.

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I've had this, I think I usually go to the line spacing option on the ribbon, get the drop down menu and it has two opetions at the bottom, which say add/remove space before (and after). If you play around with these options you should be able to get it eventually!


if you put on the printing symbol - the one that looks like a backwards capital 'P 'top line of the ribbon you may see that there is some kind of punctuation in the way, sometimes if you have pressed 'enter' at the end of paragraph two you may have created space you don't even know about. Otherwise make sure you have saved everything. cut out the offending paragraph and paste it under the second one, or even alongside the last line of the second one and then put in the paragraphing, if that doesn't work, try cutting paragraph two and relocate it abouve paragraph 3, then remove the space between two and one if it hasn't gone away by itself.


@Sneaks and Joyce - thanks for taking the time to reply. I eventually managed to sort it out (well, my supervisor did!). Somehow, I inserted both line and page breaks - I have no idea how I managed to do that! I haven't been using Word 2007 for all that long, so I know very little about its range of options. Thanks once again to all who replied to this thread.