Midnight train(study)


Any night owls struck by inspiration in the middle of the night?????????? what the phd will make you do :$
Can't sleep so might as well get on with it:-)


No, but I did get up at 3.30 with a screamy child and after an hour of settling her decided that I was awake enough to get some work done. Problem is that now I feel like going to sleep and it's time to get up!

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With it all in the past, I have a more normal sleep routine now.

However, it was common to find myself going over things in my head.

I actually found some of my mightnight oil sessions alot more productive during write-up phase, simply as there was no one to disturb or interrupt me.


mackem_beefy - I couldnt agree more - I had what I will choose to refer as a Eureka moment last night / or rather this morning --- and I am in the write up stage - things seem to fall into place in the quiet and still of the night.

Timefortea- I love your positive spin on the situation - I hope she is feeling better now:-)


I get the same feel pre 07.00 am; everything quiet, just me and the dog. I always feel time moves so much slower very early in the day than late at night. I'd sooner get up at 05.00 than work past midnight, that feels to me like sand has been thrown in my eyes. I'm just about ready to wrap it up for the night but am feeling very virtuous as I created a table and a diagram today that I have been putting off for absolutely ages. Don't think I was going to get away much longer with "put table 2.1 about here". In the end they weren't half as bad as I thought they were going to be:-)

Happy night working Naturalme(up)


I often used to work in the middle of the night if an idea hit me! I worked some really weird hours during my PhD. Some weeks I'd do 20 hours; others 100. Sometimes I'd work during the day, sometimes the whole night. I went with the flow... and it seemed to work for me!


I used to do my best work between midnight and 4am.. But I think that was mainly due to there being no distractions as no one else was awake and so i wasn't dsitracted by my phone, facebook, msn etc...

For a long while I did used to dream about my work - that was pretty disturbing!


Thanks alot everyone for writing in!! I dont feel so alone in my madness now!!!

Ady I am so knackered today after a long day ... so im having an unexpected early night but will set the alarm to get up at 5 and enjoy the peace and quiet.. as you said time definately feels like it moves slower at that time...

I hope everyone is keeping on... I will be back to midnight madness, im sure probably tomorrow.. I just try to go with the flow sometimes ..If inspired why not?8-)


I love to write late at night...when it has all gone dark and quiet. Somehow my best work seems to get done then, albeit it I am far from a night owl. When I was writing up my PhD, my office was in a creaky old building rumoured to be haunted, and sometimes late at night it was easy to let my imagination run riot....! ( I am unable to do any work at home--it just sits in a corner and stares at me, so I have long ago given up on the idea of being able to be productive at home and thus have kept some LOOONNNNNGG deskbound hours at the uni...)


The midnight oil is to be burnt today... I will aim for as many tomatoes as possible with interludes of youtube entertainment... anyone fancy joining me? The draft submission date is looming and I still have loads to do... I wish a day had 36 hours that way we could study for 24 and sleep for 12 (aaahh bliss):p ... anyway I am around tonight if anyone wants to count tomatoes together or share tricks that keep you going in the wee hours of the morn...(up)

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my submission date (ETA - draft submission that is) is the end of the week - BUT I have to post the draft submission and my printer pretty much burnt out printing off a copy for me this morning, plus I have no car and I have a hospital appointment on thus afternoon. SO I reckon I actually need the draft printed on thus morning (may pop down to staples) and then I'll have to walk to the post office (about 30 min walk) and then walk back and then walk to the hospital. :-s

I need to get my lit review done tonight though! omg, its 9.15 - where did the time go?????


oooh sneaks .. you sound like how I feel.. panic galore .. my submission date is also just a few days after yours .. I feel that by not saying it it means its still far away and an achievable goal!!! Im here nonetheless we will encourage each other .. I am trying to finish analysing my second interview set and its driving me up the wall.. Im so scared of contradicting myself that I keep reading things over just to check I said it right :-s

I am in good mood though considering I now officially have company .. cheers sneaks and good luck with it!!! - will keep you posted on how im going....off to tomatoe world now(up)

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My main aim for tonight is to get the lit review finished - sup said its "too much what, not enough why" so I took a look at someone in my departments recent (successful) thesis and basically copied what they had done :$

It doesn't quite work with mine, so I've tweaked it a little, but essentially I've added a whole 'critique of the literature' section and then 'how this study sorts all those limitations out' section -obviously with different titles!

hopefully that will sort it!

My eyes are getting tired though! I have also just worked out if I pay for posh expensive post, then I can send it saturday at the latest. :p


A tomatoe done ..700 to go .. Im going back in .. break over !!

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my spelling has gone to pot. I think I'm going to give it 1hr max and give up. I am just not productive at night! or in the morning actually - I think my best time is 2.30-3.30pm every day :$