Minor corrections awarded following resubmission


University regulations are still a mystery to me, and obviously my experience is limited to one instance (mine). This is kind of obvious, but since your report appears (from what I gather, which I hope is true) to be quite detailed, I guess after you've done the final bit you can go over it and make sure you've 'got' each and every 'thingie' they wanted? Oh, another thing. After I finished my corrections, I was asked to submit one copy of the corrected thesis with corrections in red font, and one without (just all black font). So I had to go back and redden all the changes. They asked me to do this instead of producing a correction report. No idea if this will be required of you, but it's possible that this will show to them very clearly that you have addressed the corrections. I just thought I'd throw the idea on the table! Anyway, good luck with the home stretch. Rah rah go team! -A.


Hi Ants. Yes, I received a detailed examiners report, but most of the report congratulated me for such a strong resubmission and for my 'massive contribution' to my PhD field along with strengths of my resubmitted draft in comparison with my first submitted draft. My corrections were literally a few sentences, ie complete proofreading, rewriting abstract and checking references.

I found out today I need to submit a soft bound copy later this month if I want to graduate in July. My university therefore left me with less than 3 months to complete all my minor corrections. So the pressure is on. If I'm unable to meet the deadline then I'll graduate near Christmas.

Also, I found out today internal examiner agreed to mark my thesis within TWO DAYS!! due to the university requesting a pass list at the end of April of graduates for the July ceremonies. So at least I don't have to wait again.

REALLY hope my internal examiner approves my corrections. Please don't fail me at this last hurdle.

I just need to proofread my discussion chapters, then I'm done with this.


Hey Pineapple :)
Congrats on getting close, and you're absolutely right I'll submit my corrected thesis hopefully by mid this week. Unlike you I've had to include an entirely new section (I've ended up adding 12,000 words and deleting 4,000!!!!) That's just for the two more substantial corrections that I have to do. My internal was also so strict that he included so many comments on the revised draft!!!!!!!!! Gone over these- my mistake last time was that when I sent the corrections I just highlighted them in Microsoft Word without explaining what I did and why.

This time (and I suggest you do this as well) I attach a report explaining everything- the fact that I couldn't find enough sources, citations from other researchers who also faced the same problem (yay!) and a response to every comment he listed!! My supervisor is very happy with my corrections (and livid at my examiner!), and I even had a fellow PhD candidate from the same department look at it and he's amazed at the quality of my corrections.

Fingers crossed we'll get through this- your case is more minor as my internal has a reputation for being very strict. I just hope I don't get to wait another five months, and will do my best to pressure for an earlier response- more importantly, I just hope he doesn't come back with more objections I may actually consider taking action at Uni level- what do you think?

Hang in there looks like we're both submitting the corrections soon! Take care and keep in touch


Hey thanks for your message!

I will definitely include a report outlining my minor changes for my internal examiner, so thanks for your advice. I'm sending my thesis to the binders next Saturday!

My university department are fast tracking the next stage to allow me to graduate this summer and my internal examiner agreed to mark my minor corrections in 2 days. The university cut my corrections time to just over 2 months to allow me to graduate this summer, so I don't think I'll have enough time to check my corrections with my supervisors. They've given me the option to wait until November to graduate (and longer time to work on my minor corrections), but I really want to finish this asap, so I'm working hard to meet the new deadline.

I can only hope my internal examiner approves my minor corrections. I think I've met all of their corrections, but I'm going to spend the next few days reading through the entire thesis yet again to double check everything. My examiners were happy with the content, they just wanted me to proofread it for typos, check references and to rewrite the abstract.

I really hope my internal examiner doesn't come back with other requests! (grrrr!).

Also managed to obtain a part time paid postdoc position at my local PhD university which I can use towards my chartered health psychologist training, so things seem to be looking up at the moment! :D

Best of luck with your minor corrections! You're not alone!! :D


Lucky you!!! Your case is minor compared to mine (although both are referred to as minor officially lol). Congrats on the postdoc position, sounds like a good option. I'm just so worried; my supervisor let me know earlier today that I'm just unlucky in that respect with regards to my examiner and that it's not a reflection on my work (the 1000th time he says that). I hope it goes well... what do u think I should do if he still comes back with comments?!!


Thank you!

Perhaps submit a complaint if he comes back with additional comments? I'm not sure how this minor corrections process works, but I imagine there shouldn't be constant additional minor corrections to address after completing the first set of minor corrections. Wonder if there's any university policies regarding this? ie specific time frames for candidates to complete minor corrections and number of times candidates submit minor corrections for approval? Would it be possible to meet with the internal in person and find out what he wants exactly if any of his points are ambiguous?

Fingers crossed he's happy with your latest draft. Seems rather cruel to keep adding minor corrections after the fact?!

Gosh, really hope my internal doesn't request additional minor correction following next weeks submission, especially given the pass list for graduation for next week Friday!

Sounds like you've got an examiner with some sort of power complex?! I also think examiners generally want us to pass and not fail us (which I sometimes forget!).

Best of luck :)


Hey Pineapple,
Yeah apparently my internal is notorious! Spoke to my supervisor today and he's very relaxed that this time there won't be any problems lol..more relaxed than I am. He told me to stop worrying about what ifs and just submit the corrections this week (planning to do so by Wednesday). Looking at them, my supervisor, another PhD candidate, and I all agree they answer the points raised. I am editing the report I'm attaching to the thesis as we speak, and it looks good too :). I don't think you'll have the same issue- your changes are more minor and I was unlucky :(....btw he wasn't even my supervisor's first choice but the others couldn't do it so.... :( On the bright side, I am acting as a reviewer for a paper submitted by a senior academic so that's a new experience for me (my supervisor recommended me to him) :). Hope all is well with you and keep in touch!


Hey Incognito. How's it going? I'm going to print my thesis off tomorrow ready for Monday submission. Sending thesis off to the binders either tomorrow evening or saturday morning. Booked appointments with the binders, so all ready to go. Going through the final final proofreads now. Family keep asking me if I've finished yet, which isn't helping!!! Yes, I know they mean well, but please don't keep asking me when I'm going to start printing! I'll print when I'm ready!

Not sure what's the matter with me. Seem to feel incredibly sad all of a sudden?!? Maybe combination of STILL working on this thesis (ie bored to tears!!), end of an era and tired from work. Who knows. Strange.

Done with my minor corrections now. :) That reminds me, I need to write a small report to my internal informing him of how I've met the minor corrections.


Off to the binders this morning. All I can say is I've done my best with this. I've covered every single minor correction, I'm under the word limit by around 1,000 words and just going to give it one more read through before I print out the final version. Trying to keep calm and relaxed at the moment. If my internal fails me now, then I give up! I've done more than what they've wanted. I was left with 2 months to complete my minor corrections and I've met their new deadline. Hopefully there's some good news for me this week.


Hey Pineapple!
Sorry for my late response and congratulations for both of us!! I submitted my thesis yesterday with the report (emailed it to my internal and copied my supervisor in the email). I'm a bit nervous and worried- I hope he doesn't take months to respond this time! I even include chapters and page numbers in my report so he can just go to them and check the changes made. Like you, I feel like there's nothing much I can do especially since I'm not in the UK at the moment and I was asked not to do any more fieldwork. I will definitely appeal if he comes back with more comments. We feel exactly the same! I also feel kind of sad but would rather just get it out of the way! Wishing the best for both of us and keep in touch! Will still be posting here! Take care and have a lovely weekend.


Internal examiner approved my minor corrections! Graduating this July!!! :)



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