Minor corrections


I have submitted my minor corrections to the examiners. Some of these corrections did not seem minor to me, but i liaised with one of the examiners about a question that was troubling me prior to giving them in. As i urgently need to move on with my life i have now left the city where that uni is based and am looking for jobs/etc. The question is if the examiner thinks the corrections are no good what is the worst possible outcome? i assume failure and if so how common is that after a minor correction verdict at the viva?


Hi Scared,

Firstly congratulations on getting the minor corrections done. Secondly, I think this should not be an issue hopefully. Although I feel that the rules are unclear about this aspect in most universities but I think it is probably hard for the examiner to go any way other than passing you or else requiring some more changes. Maybe you can check the University online forms (e.g. minor corrections, examiner forms) to give you an idea what could be possible in this case.

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I posted about this a while ago when I submitted my minor corrections as the rules regarding this phase seemed very vague. I understood from other forum members that the examiner would liaise with me should my corrections not meet their criteria. It would be pointless for the uni to fail you following a successful viva as a failure looks bad for the institute. You have passed so negotiating the corrections seems the obvious way forward. In my case there was one correction that involved an extra paragraph although the content of that was not detailed, just a general comment for clarity. It actually ended up being an additional page. I was concerned about this being satisfactory but have just been advised that my corrections have been agreed (after 5-6 weeks). The examiner did liaise with me (via the academic office) about the location of some of the corrections that had moved from their pre-viva locations, so I would imagine the same procedure would occur for unsatisfactory corrections. I had my corrections checked by my supervisor which helped.

Try not to worry (I know this is very hard to do as you just want it done!) and focus on the job hunt while you wait. Congratulations on the minor corrections and good luck in the future.


Don’t worry ‘scared’, you will do fine. In fact, examiners got better things to do than go after you. If the examiners didn’t pass you, it will look bad on them since they gave ‘minor correction’ in first place. You can be well assured that you have passed and can look forward for your graduation ceremony. Good luck in your job search. Cheers.