missing conferences due to illness - is it bad?


I'm supposed to be going to a conference in Leeds on Wednesday. I felt ill all last week and when I finally went to the doctors she said I have a chest, ear and throat infection. I feel awful and I don't know if I am going to be feeling any better by Wednesday.

Is it really bad to miss a conference? I'm not giving a talk or anything. Has anyone else been in this situation? I don't know what to do!


if you're feeling ill i would advice not to go to the conference, besides my supervisor always told me, if you're ill stay at home! because you're going to make the rest of us ill.

no its not bad to miss a conference, especially if you're not even presenting!

your health is more important. conferences come and go. i never went to any conferences. although they are good, but its not the end of the world if you dont go

just tell your supervisor of the situation. and he/she will reassure you. maybe someone can go instead of you and take notes or whatever


If you're not presenting, it's unlikely anyone will know you're not there. Just email the organisers and say you won't be attending in case the place can go to someone else.


Hi Jen, I'm in the same situation, but I am actually presenting at Leeds tomorrow. I may have the same thing as you but it's mainly my ears and I am almost deaf so I've no idea how my paper will go. I was due to go tonight but there is no point in me being there to listen to other talks as I can't hear a thing! It's very frustrating.
I'm part of a project team so I can't let them down.
By the way, I assume you are another Medievalist. What are you researching?


Just realised I shouldn't assume there is only one conference in Leeds this week!


Good luck for tomorrow

I'm in Leeds tomorrow too (but then, I'm there all the time!)


It's no problem to miss a conference due to ill health. Even if you were presenting it would be fine. And you don't want to spread your infection around among the conference delegates! Look after yourself, rest and recuperate. There will be plenty of other conferences you can attend.


I agree, there is nothing worse than going and feeling really ill. I did this a while back and went to a conference in Edinburgh with a stinking cold. I felt awful, the room was stuffy and i had a terrible blocked nose. I didn't get anything out of the conference as i felt so ill, i looked like rudolph and it took me longer to recover than normal as i had wiped myself out! Definitely don't go as it isn't worth it and other conferences will come up.


thank you all for your kind replies. I doubt I will go. I'm going back to doctor this morning so I will see what he says but I'm thinking it would be better not too.

My conference isn't till thursday and friday, its on Staphylococcus.