MSc result, PhD etc Help and Advice Needed.


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My understanding is that it is hard. I was the first student ever on my Masters course to get a distinction.

But if you're getting around 68% you're not far off. Perhaps you'll find the dissertation easier to write than you expect? I think I was lucky that I picked a great topic for me and really got into it.

Good luck.


Hi, your uni should have documents that will explain the marking criteria, but yes, it is strict and certainly not easy to get a distinction. Your marks are really good, I found that my dissertation mark wasn't far off what my main marks were, I averaged 74 and my distinction was a 75 so it may well be that you get the 70 you need (I'm guessing its a 70 if its the same as the marking scheme at my uni). Is it long until you hear? I submitted Sept 15th (oh, its a year ago tomorrow - what a difference a year makes lol) and heard mid December. I do hope they don't keep you hanging on as long as that!


Different subject but the mark at our uni for a distinction at MSc is 70% (same as for a first at undergrad). Personally I knew a lot more people who got a distinction at Msc level than got a first at undergrad and I'm pretty sure the proportion getting a distinction is higher that for getting a first. But then again, the people doing the MSc were generally those who had a high 2.1 or first at undergrad level so were probably more likely to get 70% at Msc level anyway.....Good luck! KB


Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I think I've just spent so long thinking about it, that I am now dissecting every error/mistake/weak point, and worrying myself unnecessarily. Have no long how long they will make me wait but I'm hoping not until December!


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Now this thread isn't going to make much sense and I did write a plea to stop this happeneing but I guess it was ignored!!