My viva story ! :) :)


After submission I was happy for few days. But, from two weeks ahead of my viva I began to cry most of the day fearing for failing PhD. I made my husband & daughter both crazy putting me in that situation. I did not tell any of my family members, relatives abt the viva except my husband...thinking that it will put me into more pressure. I wrote to my main supervisor regarding my worries but did not get response..then I began to cry more often than preparing for viva. I then requested another supervisor to give me some time to discuss abt my won't believe that I felt I already passed once I had a brief meeting with her. She said - 'I will be surprised if u ger Revise & Resubmit'. That was more than enough to boost my confidence!! From the weak ahead of my viva I felt really positive. I started to think that I will pass this viva rather than crying all the time. The viva day - both of my sups came early to make me more confident. That was another plus point that they said - 'You just slow down ...we know you will make it'. I entered the viva room with full of soon as I sat, both the examiners said - 'we really enjoyed a very rich piece of writing'. This time I felt that I am no way going to fail. The viva was not in a format I expected. Nor did they ask any any such questions I prepared from viva book. They had list of questions...I kept on clarifying things. I realised how important it is to know my thesis throughly. By the time viva finished they had 5 times said that it is a very good thesis...I was not believing what I was hearing. External said - 'After many years I got to read such a nice piece of work', 'The amt of work done in the thesis is beyond one single person's capacity...huge project but nicely handeled by just one i.e me :)', 'I felt I was reading a book'. Then the examiners asked me & both my sups out for a while. We were heading to next door sitting room...about to sit but internal came not even in 3 mins of time. One the way back to viva room Sups praised the way I handeled the soon as we were back examiners straightway told - 'It is rare - u passed with no correctons!!' It was kind of shocking to me who was feeling so low just 2 weeks earlier. The external suggested to send the chapters to publish in the journal in which he is the editor. Also said that there is a high potential for my thesis to publish as a book...he said he is in a publishing committee of one publisher so recommend my thesis to get it published as a book. The viva lasted just 1 hr 10 mins. I couldn't believe it was happening with me. I came back home still could not believe the result - I lied down for a while without changing the dress. I opened my eyes & asked my husband whether it was real or was I dreaming? Yes, it is real..... :) :) :) I am accepting it now!!! Thank u all in the forum...many of you have helped me a lot and I thank you with hugs...I wish I know who u r in real...u have helped me more than the re


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real people in my life. Lots of love, Swetch

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Wow! Massive congratualations, that's an incredible achievement:-)

Thanks for posting!



Oh Swetch, you make me cry. I'm so happy for you. It's always motivating and encouraging to read such a Real story of success. Congratulations from all my heart.


still so modest about what sounds like a terrific viva (and thesis). Well done :-)(up)


Well done - so great to hear such a positive experience. You deserve a well earned rest and look forward to a good career with those kind of results.

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Well done you (up)


Congratulations, it's always nice to hear about successful PhDers! Hope you are enjoying the celebrations! :-)

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Oh, that sounds wonderful! Congratulations, it sounds like you really deserved such a good outcome.


Congratulations. It's great to hear a positive story about a viva. I hope you are having suitable celebrations.!


Massive Congratulations!
I think this is as good as it gets, especially if you take into account that now you can publish papers and a book out of your work!

I also feel amazed that you can juggle family life together with a PhD!
I can barely manage to spend one evening per week with my friends, and I struggle preparing one hot meal per day...

Any tips for successful PhDing?


Swetchha, HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way to go!!! Fantastic job!!! A great achievement indeed and I am so happy for you :-)


Thank you everone...I am very delighted to receive all yr messages....:-) Swetch


well done well done!! it really encourages me!!

I am a little surprise to hear that you were so nervous before the viva- since your thesis is really really well-written!

Why were you so nervous prior to the viva? Did you think your thesis wasn't good enough? you found mistakes in your thesis? or you are simply a very nervous person? :-)



I am very far away from my first draft. Extended last date is couple of months away. Really scared.