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Hi all,

I have finished from 3 chapters which have many new results and my supervisor didn't ask me to publish any of them, do I have to wait or to ask him? I don't want to ask him, I prefer him to start and I am really feel disappointed because of that . What do you think guys?

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Why don't you want to ask him Fiona? At best he'll be glad to see you showing intitiative, at worst he'll explain a better approach he has in mind for publication strategy! It's your data, show some enthusiasm :-)


Hey Fiona! I would certainly ask him about publishing the results- publications are the main thing that will get you a post-doc (well, at least in my field anyway, I think it's not so vital in other subjects). I would express your enthusiasm and suggest that you would like to get your results published and see what he says. He would probably get his name on the publications anyway, so it would be good for him too- I think most supervisors would want to encourage their students to publish so he'll probably be really supportive! Good luck, KB


Back in UK, publication is not a mandatory requirement for a PhD. However, it helps when comes to viva-voce. Shrink your chapter and follow the reference style of the journal that you want to get it publish, and email to your supervisor. Just scribble, kindly review this paper, which you are planning to submit to …journal, to your supervisor. These times of the year, supervisors could be busy with exam board, etc. The aim of PhD is to demonstrate your capacity for carrying out critical independent research. So, go ahead and impress your supervisor. Happy researching;)


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I'd ask him :) Sometimes supervisors need a bit of a push, especially around busy times of the year. If they've got a lot on they'll forget and they'll need reminding. I've been pestering my supervisor, who's got the HoD job as well, so we can get on with putting together a paper and I've finally managed to chase him down and arrange a meeting.

Also when you say you've finished the chapters have they seen them since? If you've written them up but they've not seen them they might not be aware of just how publishable it might be. You're more acquainted with your research than them so it might take seeing it for them to catch on. Either way I'd definately say something and arrange a meeting to go over the results. I wouldn't be disappointed with them not starting it off, it's probably not a reflection on the results.

Quote From sre292:

Back in UK, publication is not a mandatory requirement for a PhD. However, it helps when comes to viva-voce.

Definately helps! Part of the criteria for a PhD is generally that the work done is of a publishable quality. If you already have parts of your thesis in print like that then it stops any concern about that dead.


Thank you for your advice, they are really helpful. I will try to discuss this with him.